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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Talents List

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Talents are discrete permanent abilities that increase a player character's power. You can get talents for your character in several ways:
  1. Some talents are received at character creation (3 if you design your character, or they may be rolled with life paths).
  2. At any time, a character may purchase a talent by spending 3 saved experience points (XP). See CPF:Advancement for more details.
  3. At any time, the Game Master (GM) may reward the party with one additional talent pick.
  4. By exploring and interacting in game, characters may gain talents directly. This could include cybernetic implants, blessings from the gods, or nano-augmentations.
Keep a record of when and how you acquired a certain talent.

Below is the list of talents, by category. Below are the life path tables. Click to expand:

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements Maximum Repetitions Allowed
Divided Mind Arcane You are now allowed to concentrate on +1 additional spell, simultaneously. If you unintentionally drop concentration, you drop it on all spells. You may take this talent up to twice for a total of 3 simultaneous concentrations. Requires Talent: Caster I or II. 2
Black Magic Arcane The player can now aid casting rolls and get additional spell points by torturing, injuring or killing living biological creatures other than themselves, for varying bonuses dependent on context. Requires Casting Style: Sorceror. 1
Caster I Arcane You are now allowed to invest in one arcane skill and its spells. You get to choose one casting style: sorceror, channeler, or mentalist. See the Magic page for casting styles. You automatically get level-1 of any one arcane skill that you choose and its level-1 core spell. Requires GM Approval - some campaigns may not allow player magic. 1
Caster II Arcane You are now allowed to invest in any arcane skills. You keep the same casting style. You get level-1 of your choice of another arcane skill different from your first arcane skill. Requires Caster I. 1
Heirophant Arcane When you are socially interacting with NPCs on the topic of the arcane power that you channel, you can choose to roll your best arcane skill as a social skill. Additionally, roll with +1 advantage die in these situations. When talking with NPCs about the power you channel, you can include minor magic tricks that represent your skills as part of this conversation with no spell roll, cost, or risk. Note that a perfect success does not guarantee they will do what you want, but does guarantee that they will believe fully in the power you channel. Requires Casting Style: Channeler. 1
Mental Overload Arcane You gain the option to willfully damage your Intelligence statistic in order to avert a miscast. The damage to your intelligence is equal to the deficit between your actual roll result and your desired roll result. Results improve if you yell or scream while doing this. Damaged statistics are healed similarly to lost HP - see Resting for details. Requires Casting Style: Mentalist. 1

Remember, characters do not need talents to perform special attacks, all players can always perform special attacks on hit.

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements Maximum Repetitions Allowed
Assassin Combat When you make an attack from stealth, and melee range, you cannot miss. If you draw a weapon or tool during friendly conversation with an npc, you (only you) receives 1 surprise round. Additionally, you have advantage on disguising yourself. - 1
Duelist Combat You have an advantage die on persuading people into a duel. You can use a reaction to make any attack whenever an enemy hits or misses you in melee. You don't ever take opportunity attacks. - 1
Fierce Combat Add 1d4 damage to all hits and misses with melee weapons or unarmed attacks. Additionally, you roll with +1 advantage to physically intimidate NPCs using social, combat or athletics skills. - 1
Fighter I Combat You get +2 more accuracy in combat, with any weapon or attack. - 1
Fighter II Combat Once per battle, you can guarantee a hit by you or a miss against you, regardless of roll. Requires Fighter I 1
Fighter III Combat You now get +1 more additional attack per main action attack. Requires Fighter II 1
Hunter Combat You get +1 critical strike chance with any 1 combat skill you posess. Requires any combat skill. 1
Magekiller Combat Enemy spell casts provoke your melee-range opportunity attacks, unlimited times per round. Enemies get disadvantage on concentration vs. your hits. You get +1 additional advantage die on saves vs. magic. The character must be aware of magic and magic-users in the setting. 1
Precision Combat You get +2 more accuracy in combat with any weapon or attack. This talent may be repeated. Unlimited
Sniper Combat When you are shooting a target or an enemy from stealth or from a prepared firing position, roll your shot with an additional advantage die and +1 critical strike chance. Additionally, all your Aim actions now grant +3 accuracy per use. - 1
Stalker Combat You can now use stealth only with minor cover such as tall grass or shadows. You can attempt to hide in combat as a Bonus Action. If you make any attack from stealth, your attacks have an additional advantage die to hit instead of the normal +1, and get +2d6 damage. - 1
Vigilant Combat While in overwatch, you can make two shots with your ranged weapon. You can make them at the same or different targets. While not in combat, you will receive a "bad feeling" when you or the party is being hunted, watched, or stalked nonconsensually. - 1

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements Maximum Repetitions Allowed
Alert Defensive You, personally, can't be surprised. You receive +5 initiative. Your enemies receive no benefit to hit you from being unseen. You have +1 advantage die on rolls to find hidden movement. - 1
Natural Armor I Defensive You gain the option to floor your armor class at 15 regardless of what you are wearing. - 1
Natural Armor II Defensive You gain the option to floor your armor class at 17 regardless of what you are wearing. Alternatively, it can be calculted as 15 + any two of your physical statistic modifiers. Requires Natural Armor I. 1
Earth Affinity Defensive You can gain special information from stones and crystals by carefully inspecting or listening to them. Sleeping on natural or smoothed natural stone counts as comfortable rest for you. You have advantage on finding valuable minerals and navigating in caves. - 1
Heat Affinity Defensive You take half heat damage. +1 advantage die on estimating the causes, effects and temperatures of extreme heat and identifying flammable materials. Sleeping in the heat is considered comfortable for you. +1 advantage die on saves vs. heat and fire. - 1
Wind Affinity Defensive You can gain special information by listening to or smelling the wind. +1 advantage die to resist exhaustion due to low oxygen. +1 advantage die on saves vs. any harmful gas or particulate cloud. - 1
Lightning Reflexes Defensive +1 Advantage die on all evasion saves. You don't take damage from diving prone to dodge things. You may now roll evasion saves on instant hazards such as electric arcs. You can also roll an evasion save to halve falling damage. You can also roll optionally evasion saves while piloting a vehicle to dodge something, if you prefer, rather than a normal piloting check. - 1
Water Affinity Defensive You swim at full speed. You can hold your breath for at least 3 minutes. While resting near a large body of liquid, you recover and heal twice as fast from resting. You can roll saving throws underwater normally. You take half damage from cold effects. Sleeping in the cold is considered comfortable for you. +1 Advantage die on saves vs. cold effects. - 1
Survivor Defensive Add an additional +4 to one saving throw of your choice. You can repeat this talent up to 4 times. - 4
Tough I Defensive +2 Maximum HP. You automatically stabilize from mortal wounds after 1 round, assuming a non-hostile environment. - 1
Tough II Defensive +2 Maximum HP. Additionally, once per sleep cycle, when a hit would drop you to 0 hp, your hp is floored at 1 instead. Requires Tough I. 1

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements Maximum Repetitions Allowed
Animal Whisperer Expertise You roll with +1 advantage die to interact with or ride animals. You can have up to 1 loyal animal pet at any time that will follow you anywhere and follow complex programmed commands, even animals that are not normally trainable in that way. If it dies or if you gained this after character creation, then you can locate and train the new pet by spending at least 1 day in the wilderness. Command in combat with bonus action. The animal retains its own personality, needs and preferences, however. Requires Animals skill 1
Authority I Expertise Using social interactions, you may gain up to 2 sophont npc minions. They must be simple-minded unimportant people. They will follow and help you because of belief in your cause. They have 1 hp, will flee away from combat and will die instantly at 0 hp. Requires Lead skill. Does not work on animals. 1
Authority II Expertise Your minion limit increases to 5. The limitations are the same, however, they will fight for your cause in combat. They can be commanded with your bonus action. They have no more than 13ac/6 hp and will die instantly at 0 hp. Requires Authority I. 1
Charming Expertise NPCs who do not yet know you will view you as inexplicably more presentable and personable than the rest of the party. Advantage on social skill rolls to interact in a friendly way with NPCs. Requires Charisma 12. 1
Alchemist Expertise You can craft drugs with up to 2 different simultaneous effects. I.e., tranquilize, cure, heal, strengthen, speed, sensory improvement, hallucinate, poison, etc Requires Chemistry skill. Crafting requires space, time, skill, and components. 1
Commander I Expertise You can now shout commands in battle as a bonus action, giving allies a +(Your Lead skill) bonus to do something specific (attack this enemy, cut this door, etc). Out of combat, you can make motivational speeches in 5 minutes for the same effect. Total Commands: 2 per night of good rest. Requires Lead skill, and the skill you are commanding in. 1
Commander II Expertise In addition to the above, you can shout a warning as a reaction to give one ally either advantage on a saving throw, or an additional reaction attack, or some similar sudden reaction. You can also re-order the party's initiative at the start of a combat as long as you can communicate with them. Total Commands: 3 per night of good rest. Requires Lead skill, and the skill you are commanding in. 1
Crafty I Expertise With Engineering, you can now add up to 2 custom modifications to each tool, vehicle, weapon, or equipment piece. They all must be distinct. I.e. scope+laser, or flashlight + radiation scanner, etc Requires Engineering skill. 1
Crafty II Expertise You can now add up to 3 custom modifications to each tool, vehicle, weapon, or equipment piece. They all must be distinct. Requires Engineering skill. 1
Demolition Person Expertise When you are using, hiding, crafting, transporting, or modifying grenades, explosives, or bombs of all sorts, you roll with advantage, including athletics, skill, crafting, accuracy, stealth, and damage rolls that are specifically related to those explosives. You can throw a grenade as a bonus action in combat. - 1
Diplomat Expertise You have one additional advantage die on calling for meetings/parley with NPCs and making points in those meetings. If unprompted, NPCs will assume you are the party's leader. Requires any social skill. 1
Hacker Expertise You no longer need to spend time to understand a foreign computer system, you understand it instinctively. Advantage on computers rolls. Requires Computers skill. 1
Healer I Expertise Using a medkit, you can heal 1d6+skill+modifier to any fresh wounds in your whole party over a 15 minute rest. This consumes the medkit. You can administer drugs & potions as a bonus action in combat, to yourself or others. Requires Medicine skill. 1
Healer II Expertise In combat or within 1 minute after, using a medkit, main action, and bonus action, you can perform a "Revive". This cures a mortal wound, if caught in that time limit, and heals 1 hp. Can only be used once per person per day. Drains the medkit. Separately, if you are taking care of mortally wounded people, you reduce their recovery time to 24 hour of good rest, and your first aid die size increases from d6 to d12. - 1
Specialist Expertise Pick a basic skill (non-combat, non-arcane). You can now roll that skill with one additional advantage die. You may only take this talent once. 1
Adroit I Expertise After taking this talent, you receive a permanent 1-point discount on the upgrade cost of basic skills (NOT combat or arcane skills) Going from 0 to 1 in a skill still costs 1 experience point. Does not work with combat or arcane skills. 1
Adroit II Expertise Once per scene, you can re-roll any basic skill roll you made that you don't like, and choose which result you prefer. Does not work with combat or arcane skills. 1
Jack of All Trades Expertise You no longer take the -2 penalty for not being trained in a basic skill. Does not work with combat or arcane skills. 1

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements Maximum Repetitions Allowed
Stat Increase Miscellaneous When you acquire this talent, apply +2 to 1 statistic of your choice, or +1 each to 2 different statistics, then recalculate derived values. - 1
Collector Miscellaneous You have +1 advantage die on finding useful items and clues in any location. - 1
Companion I Miscellaneous You immediately acquire a sophont npc companion of some sort. If taken after character creation, there must be in-game context for it. They are willing to die for you. They have their own skills, 4 total levels. They can be commanded as a free action, but only by you. Command of them may be delegated, but they will not blindly follow others as they do you. They are controlled by the GM but will do whatever you want, even if hurts them. Note that this talent is not the only way to gain such a companion. If they die, this talent is refunded. GM has companion's details and controls them according to your orders. 1
Companion II Miscellaneous The companion gains 2 talents. If they die, this talent is refunded. Requires companion 1. Companions cannot take the companion or authority talent. 1
Fast Hands Miscellaneous You have 1 additional advantage die on stealing items that do not belong to you. In combat, you can utilize your Bonus Action to Use an Item, or potentially steal an item on an enemy's person. - 1
Hauler Miscellaneous Your personal carrying capacity is now 2x your strength score. - 1
Inspiration Miscellaneous Gain an additional +3 extra experience points. You can take this same talent an unlimited number of times. (In other words, you are converting the GM's talent offer into more raw xp points). - Unlimited
Keen Mind Miscellaneous Your intelligence increases by 1 and you can now accurately recall anything you have seen or heard in the past (i.e., GM legally must remind you, barring some kind of memory erasure effect). - 1
Linguist Miscellaneous You roll with advantage to learn and translate languages, and to communicate nonverbally. - 1
Quick Sleeper Miscellaneous You require only 3 hours of sleep per day. - 1
Strong Arm Miscellaneous You can throw nearly any solid item that you can hold, at least 20 meters in distance regardless of roll. +1 advantage die on all attacks with throwing weapons. - 1
Speedy Miscellaneous You can Dash or Disengage as a bonus action in combat. You can split your movement in combat. You have advantage on outrunning people in all on-foot contexts. - 1