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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Talents List

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Talents are discrete permanent features that increase a player character's power. You can get talents for your character in several ways:
  1. Three talents are received at character creation.
  2. At any time, a character may purchase a talent by spending 3 saved experience points (XP). See CPF:Advancement for more details.
  3. At any time, the Game Master (GM) may reward the party with one additional talent pick.
  4. By exploring and interacting in game, characters may gain talents directly. This could include training by a master, cybernetic implants, blessings from the gods, or nano-augmentations.
Keep a record of when and how you acquired a certain talent.

Below is the list of talents, by category. Below are the talent categories tables. Click to expand:

Basic Talents set up your character with broad competencies.

Caster I Arcane You are now allowed to invest XP into any one arcane skill. You have spell points equal to (5 + (2 * your total arcane skill levels)). You automatically get level-1 of any one arcane skill that you choose. This talent cannot be chosen after character creation unless you receive in-game Arcane Training from another person. Requires GM Approval - some campaigns may not allow player magic. 1
Caster II Arcane You are now allowed to invest in any arcane skills. You get level-1 of your choice of another arcane skill different from your first arcane skill. Requires Caster I. 1
Professional I Expertise Pick a skill from the category of basic skills. You can now roll that skill with one additional advantage die. Additionally, you no longer take the -2 penalty for not being trained in any basic or defensive skill. Does not work with combat, defensive or arcane skills. 1
Professional II Expertise Pick another skill from the category of basic skills. You can now roll that skill with one additional advantage die. Additionally, once per scene, you can re-roll any basic skill roll you made that you don't like, and choose which result you prefer. Requires Professional I. Does not work with combat or arcane skills. 1
Fighter I Combat You gain +2 maximum HP. You get +1 to the result of all your combat skill rolls, and weapon damage rolls. Requires Fighter I 1
Fighter II Combat Once per battle, you can guarantee one (non-spell) attack hit by you regardless of roll. Alternatively, you can make any attack made against you or a nearby ally into a miss (for 0 damage), regardless of the roll or whether it is magical or normal. Additionally, when you defeat an enemy, you can make one additional attack, if possible (maximum of once per round). Requires Fighter I 1

Arcane Talents make your character better at using psionics and magic.

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements Maximum Repetitions Allowed
Arcane Specialist Arcane Choose one arcane skill. You now roll that skill with an additional +1. You may only take this talent once. Requires Caster I. 2
Cleric Arcane When you are casting a nonviolent spell to help, heal, protect, defend, or safeguard another person or creature, you get +1 to the roll and +1 to the effect (if appropriate). Requires Caster I. 1
Divided Mind Arcane You are now allowed to concentrate on +1 additional spell, simultaneously. If you unintentionally drop concentration, you drop it on all spells. You may take this talent up to twice for a total of 3 simultaneous concentrations. Requires Caster I. 2
Heriophant Arcane When you are casting a spell to frighten, persuade, rally, unite or move multiple target people, you gain +1 to the roll. Additionally, you can roll your highest arcane skill as a social or performance skill to show small, harmless magical tricks and artworks, representing your skills, as part of a conversation, without needing to spend any spell points. Additionally, you can use your arcane skills to draw/paint/otherwise mark upon surfaces, spending 1 spell point per square meter marked, without needing to roll (unless you want to add special effects). Requires Caster I. 1
Mentalist Arcane Whenever you are casting a spell that affects a target's mind, or that confuses or deceives a target, you gain +1 to the roll. Additionally, when you successfully cast spells during conversation with other people, they will not notice the sign of your casting. Requires Caster I. 1
Sage Arcane You gain +1 to all casting rolls made to gain information. Additionally, your meditation spell point recharge interval is halved. Requires Caster I. 1
Sorcerer Arcane You can choose to roll casting checks with +1 advantage die. If you do, your spell will always include 1 extra unintended or uncontrolled result, on success or failure. This is called 'Reckless Casting'. Requires Caster I. 1
Warlock Arcane You gain +1 to all casting rolls made to harm or destroy an enemy target (creature, robot, vehicle, turret, etc), and +1 to spell damage. Additionally, each time you defeat an enemy in combat with a spell, you instantly recharge +1 spell point. Requires Caster I. 1
Witch Arcane You gain +1 to all casting rolls made to create any ongoing negative effect, or any ongoing effect that traps or blocks your enemies. Additionally, by preparing ingredients found in nature, you can infuse a spell into a small bottle of liquid. This is called a "potion", and the spell will take effect when the liquid is drunk, spilled, or the bottle is shattered. Add 3 to the spell point cost when you do this. You can have up to 6 in existence at a time. Requires Caster I. 1
Wizard Arcane Your base maximum spell points is now equal to (5 + (3 * your total arcane skills)). Requires Caster I. 1

Combat Talents improve your character's killing abilities.

Remember, characters do not need talents to perform special attacks such as disarming, shoving, grappling and throwing; all players can always perform special attacks when they hit an enemy.

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements Maximum Repetitions Allowed
Assassin Combat When you make an attack from stealth, and melee range, it is an guaranteed critical hit. If you draw a dangerous weapon or tool during friendly conversation with an npc, you (only you) receives 1 surprise round. Additionally, you have advantage on disguising yourself. - 1
Duelist Combat You have an advantage die on persuading people into a duel, and you can roll a combat skill instead of a social skill for this. Once per combat round, you can use a reaction to make any one attack, if possible without moving, whenever an enemy misses you with a melee attack or any one-handed ranged attack. You don't ever take opportunity attacks. - 1
Duelist II Combat You gain +1 advantage die to dodge attacks made against you in melee range. If an enemy misses you in melee, then you have +1 advantage die on the counterattack ability granted by 'Duelist I'. - 1
Berserker I Combat All your successful hits with melee and punch deal +1d4 extra damage. At any time, you can choose to gain advantage on melee or punch attack rolls this round by giving yourself disadvantage on defense rolls for this round. This is called a 'Reckless Attack'. Additionally, you roll with +1 advantage to physically intimidate or taunt people using social, combat or athletics skills. Additionally, you can hit any number of enemies adjacent to you with a single spinning melee or punch attack (this counts as your special attack, unless you have melee 6). Requires Melee or Punch skill. 1
Berserker II Combat +2 additional damage reduction in all circumstances. When you make a critical strike with punch or melee, you may continue making attacks until you miss or cannot reach enemies. Additionally, instead of your normal combat turn, you may make a Whirlwind Attack. Choose a path along the ground that goes by any number of enemies, moving up to your speed. You may roll Reckless Attacks with punch or melee to hit all of the enemies you visit in this way, once each. Requires Berserker I. 1
Weapon Master I Combat Choose one specific weapon subtype--such as the labrys, rapier, pistol, beam rifle, you gain +1 accuracy, +1 critical strike chance and you can now add the margin of success of your hits to your weapon's damage. - 1
Weapon Master II Combat For the same weapon category you selected in Weapon Master I, when you use a main action to attack with this weapon, you can attack twice, if possible, using that one action (i.e., using the action 'procs' two attacks). Requires Weapon Master I. 1
Magekiller Combat Enemy spell casts provoke your melee-range opportunity attacks, unlimited times per round. You get +1 additional advantage die on rolls to defend vs. magic. You also get +1 advantage die to penetrate or destroy magical barriers and constructs. If you are affected by a magical condition, you can, at any time, choose to shake off the effect by spending HP equal to the spell's level. The character must be aware of magic and magic-users in the setting. 1
Sniper Combat When you are shooting a target or an enemy from stealth or from a prepared firing position, roll your shot with an additional advantage die and +2 critical strike chance. Additionally, you gain a "Move Action" option to "Aim", which grants +1 stacking aim bonus until you take any other type of action. - 1
Stalker Combat You can now attempt to hide only with minor cover such as tall grass or shadows. You can attempt to hide in combat as a Bonus Action. If you make any kind of attack from stealth, your attacks have an additional advantage die to hit instead of the normal +1, and get +2d6 damage. - 1
Vigilant Combat While wielding a ranged weapon, you may choose to make one ranged attack per round during another actor's turn. If you do, you lose your upcoming Move action and you cannot take the overwatch action. This is called a "Snap Shot". Additionally, at any time, you will receive a "bad feeling" when you or the party is being hunted, watched, or stalked nonconsensually, with a dim awareness of what is hunting you, no roll required. - 1

Defensive Talents make your character more durable or strong with certain elements and environments.

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements Maximum Repetitions Allowed
Alert Defensive You, personally, can't be surprised. +2 Speed. Your enemies receive no benefit to hit you from being unseen. You have +1 advantage die on rolls to find traps, hidden cameras and and hidden creatures. - 1
Natural Armor I Defensive You gain +2 damage reduction while unarmored. +3 to HP while you are unarmored. - 1
Natural Armor II Defensive You gain an additional +2 (total +4) damage reduction while unarmored. You get a further +3 (total +6) to your HP while unarmored. Optionally, you can use your Athletics skill value as a DR value instead of the +4 damage reduction from this talent series. Requires Natural Armor I. 1
Earth Affinity I Defensive You gain an additional +1 Natural Damage Reduction in all contexts. You can gain special information from stones and crystals by carefully inspecting or listening to them. Sleeping on natural or smoothed natural stone counts as comfortable rest for you. You have advantage on finding valuable minerals and navigating in caves, and you sense earthquakes and dodge falling rocks with advantage as well. - 1
Earth Affinity II Defensive Take this talent if you are some sort of digging creature. You gain a 'sight' called tremorsense that allows you to 'see' movement within 15m due to vibrations through solid objects. You can dig with your digging claws through soft sand at your normal speed, soil at half speed, and rock at 5m/minute, leaving a short tunnel behind you. The tunnel will collapse if not supported. Requires Earth Affinity I and GM permission. 1
Heat Affinity Defensive You take half heat damage. +1 advantage die on estimating the causes, effects and temperatures of extreme heat and identifying flammable materials. Sleeping in the heat is considered comfortable for you. +1 advantage die on rolls to resist vs. heat and fire. - 1
Iron Will Defensive +1 Advantage die on all Meditation rolls to resist magic, psychic influence, and other mental harm, and on Meditation rolls to stay focused. Once per sleep cycle, you can use this talent to give +1 to any one dice roll you make. Requires Meditation skill 1
Artful Dodger Defensive +1 Advantage die on all rolls to dodge sudden area effects, such as rockets, grenades, dragon breath, lightning bolts, falling rocks etc. You don't take damage from diving away from danger. Additionally, once per battle, you can choose to negate one normal ranged attack made against you, regardless of your dodge roll and the enemy's minimum damage. Requires dodge skill 1
Robotic Body Defensive You have a robotic body. You do not eat, sleep, or breathe, and you can exist in vacuum without issues, but you require 1 charged power cell per day of operation, and damage you take must be repaired with spare parts and crafting skill. Customizations can be crafted on your chassis with the crafting skill and talents. Must have in-game justification: a robotic origin or a destroyed and rebuilt body, etc. 1
Tough I Defensive You gain +1 additional Damage Reduction in all contexts, and you have +1 advantage on Resilience rolls to resist harm and status effects due to disease, sickness, poison, crushing, pressure, and radiation. +3 Maximum HP. Once per sleep cycle, when a hit would drop you to 0 hp, your hp is floored at 1 instead. - 1
Tough II Defensive You cannot die or lose consciousness during a battle or chase scene (sleep spells are an exception). Start tracking negative health points. If you end the scene with between 0 and -14, your health points are floored at 0 and you are unconscious and mortally wounded. If you end the scene with -15 or less, you drop dead when the last enemy flees or falls. You can say a few last words. Requires Tough I. 1
Water Affinity I Defensive You swim at full speed. You can hold your breath for at least 3 minutes. While resting near a large body of liquid, you recover and heal twice as fast from resting. You can roll to dodge underwater normally. You take half damage from cold and water effects. Sleeping in the cold is considered comfortable for you. +1 Advantage die on rolls to resist harmful cold and water effects. - 1
Water Affinity II Defensive Take this talent if you are an amphibious species of some sort. You can now hold your breath for up to 4 hours and sustain no damage from water pressure up to 500m depth. You must submerge in water at least once daily or you will take damage from overdrying. Requires GM permission and Water Affinity I. 1
Wind Affinity I Defensive You are unusually lightweight. You take half electrical damage and falling damage. You can gain special information by listening to or smelling the wind. +1 advantage die to resist hazards related to air and gases, such as low oxygen, toxic gas etc. You have advantage on rolls to fall safely with athletics, dodge, or resilience. - 1
Wind Affinity II Defensive Take this talent if you are a winged species of some sort. You have wings and may now glide or flutter to break your falls, and may also roll athletics to fly up and in other directions. Flying occupies 1 concentration slot. You always need at least a 4m cube of space for flight, smaller spaces cannot be flown in. If you take hits while airborne, you must succeed on a Meditation roll or fall, taking another hit from gravity when you hit the ground. You cannot fly while wearing or carrying anything heavy. Requires GM permission and Wind Affinity I. 1

Expertise Talents make your character superior with certain skills.

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements Maximum Repetitions Allowed
Beastmaster Expertise You roll with +1 advantage die to interact with or ride animals. You can have up to 1 loyal animal pet at any time that will follow you anywhere and follow complex programmed commands, even animals that are not normally trainable in that way. If it dies or if you gained this after character creation, then you can locate and train the new pet by spending at least 1 day in the wilderness. Command in combat with bonus action. The animal retains its own personality, needs and preferences, however. Requires Animals skill 1
Authority I Expertise Using social interactions, you may gain up to 2 sophont npc minions. They must be simple-minded unimportant people. They will follow and help you because of belief in your cause. They have 1 hp, will flee away from combat and will die instantly at 0 hp. Requires Lead skill. Does not work on animals. 1
Authority II Expertise Your minion limit increases to 5. The limitations are the same, however, they will fight for your cause in combat. They can be commanded with your bonus action. They have no more than 13ac/6 hp and will die instantly at 0 hp. Requires Authority I. 1
Charming Expertise People who do not yet know you will view you as inexplicably more presentable and personable than the rest of the party. Advantage on social skill rolls to interact in a friendly way with people. - 1
Alchemist Expertise Roll Science with +1 advantage die. You get a natural sense of where key drug and potion ingredients can be found. You can craft drugs with up to 2 different simultaneous effects. I.e., tranquilize, explode, shock, freeze, cure, heal, strengthen, speed, sensory improvement, hallucinate, poison, etc Requires Science skill. Crafting requires space, time, skill, and components. 1
Commander I Expertise You can now shout commands in battle as a bonus action, giving allies a +(Your Lead skill) bonus to do something specific (attack this enemy, cut this door, etc). Out of combat, you can make motivational speeches in 5 minutes for the same effect. Total Commands: 2 per night of good rest. Requires Lead skill, and the skill you are commanding in. 1
Commander II Expertise In addition to the above, you can shout a warning as a reaction to give one ally either advantage on a roll to dodge, or an additional reaction attack, or some similar sudden reaction. You can also re-order the party's initiative at the start of a combat as long as you can communicate with them. Total Commands: 3 per night of good rest. Requires Lead skill, and the skill you are commanding in. 1
Crafty I Expertise With Crafting, you can now add up to 2 custom modifications to each tool, vehicle, weapon, or equipment piece. They all must be distinct. Custom modifications means, something beyond the chassis or blueprint of the item itself. For example, adding weapons to a utility mech would be a modification since it wasn't designed for fighting, while adding a mining drill to a military mech would be a modification since it wasn't designed for mining, but switching out a mining drill for a loading fork is not a modification since the chassis was designed to support both. Requires Crafting skill. 1
Crafty II Expertise With Crafting, you can now add up to 3 custom modifications to each tool, vehicle, weapon, or equipment piece. Same rules as above. Requires Crafty I. 1
Fast Hands Miscellaneous You have 1 additional advantage die on stealing items that do not belong to you. In combat, you can utilize your Bonus Action to Use an Item, or potentially steal an item on an enemy's person. - 1
Demolition Person Expertise When you are using, hiding, crafting, transporting, or modifying grenades, explosives, or bombs of all sorts, you roll with advantage, including athletics, skill, crafting, accuracy, stealth, and damage rolls that are specifically related to those explosives. You can throw a grenade as a bonus action in combat. - 1
Diplomat Expertise You have one additional advantage die on calling for meetings/parley with people and making points in those meetings. If unprompted, people will assume you are the party's leader. Requires any social skill. 1
Hacker Expertise You no longer need to spend time to understand a foreign computer system, you understand it instinctively. Advantage on computers rolls. Requires Computers skill. 1
Healer I Expertise Using a medkit, you can heal 1d6+skill to any fresh wounds in your whole party over a 15 minute rest. This consumes the medkit. You can administer drugs & potions as a bonus action in combat, to yourself or others. Requires Medicine skill. 1
Healer II Expertise In combat or within 1 minute after, using a medkit, main action, and bonus action, you can perform a "Revive". This cures a mortal wound, if caught in that time limit, and heals 1 hp. Can only be used once per person per sleep cycle. Drains the medkit. Separately, if you are taking care of mortally wounded people, you reduce their recovery time to 24 hour of good rest, and your first aid die size increases from d6 to d12. - 1

Miscellaneous Talents give you benefits that are not directly related to combat, magic or skills.

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements Maximum Repetitions Allowed
Collector Miscellaneous You have +1 advantage die on rolls to find useful items, treasure, and clues in any location. - 1
Companion I Miscellaneous You immediately acquire a sophont npc companion of some sort. If taken after character creation, there must be in-game context for it. They are willing to die for you. They have their own skills, 4 total levels. They can be commanded as a free action, but only by you. Command of them may be delegated, but they will not blindly follow others as they do you. They are controlled by the GM but will do whatever you want, even if hurts them. Note that this talent is not the only way to gain such a companion. If they die, this talent is refunded. GM has companion's details and controls them according to your orders. 1
Companion II Miscellaneous The companion gains 2 talents. If they die, this talent is refunded. Requires companion 1. Companions cannot take the companion or authority talent. 1
Inspiration Miscellaneous Gain an additional +3 extra experience points. You can take this same talent an unlimited number of times. (In other words, you are converting the GM's talent offer into more raw xp points). - Unlimited
Quick Sleeper Miscellaneous You require only 3 hours of sleep per day. - 1
Strong Arm Miscellaneous You can throw nearly any solid item that you can hold, at least 20 meters in distance regardless of roll. +1 advantage die on all attacks with throwing weapons. Requires Athletics Skill. 1
Speedy Miscellaneous +3 to Speed. You can Dash or Disengage as a bonus action in combat. You may split your movement in combat. You have advantage on all rolls to move quickly in chase scenes, even with vehicles and animal mounts. - 1