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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Survival & Travel

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While every game of CPF is different, this page contains an overview of how CPF evokes a sense of gritty, yet simple-to-play survival and travel.


While unprotected in water, the following rules apply:

  1. Disadvantage on all skills involving the use of hands or talking
  2. At athletics 1, swimming speed is half your normal speed, and may require athletics checks depending on currents
  3. Player characters can hold their breath for 30 seconds. Speaking, or losing consciousness counts as loss of breath.
  4. One full round past losing breath = death by suffocation
  5. Add 1d6 pressure damage per round to non-native creatures and vehicles starting at 200m depth
  6. Every additional 100m past 200m depth, add another +1d6 pressure damage per round. So, 1km depth is (1d6+8d6)=9d6 damage per round.
  7. Special suits and vehicles will have safe dive ratings that will modify the original 200m threshhold.


Radiation can have widely varying intensity and particle types. Some are more dangerous than others. Generally we are speaking of ionizing radiation.

  1. Special suits and vehicles have specific levels of tolerance for different types of ionizing radiation. These may be measured units of "rems".
  2. Light amounts of radiation might cause a Physical saving throw after an hour of exposure, and then apply radiation sickness or a level of exhaustion.
  3. Signifiant radiation in an area might demand physical saves every 5 minutes.
  4. Extreme radiation will likely forgo the save and provide continuos direct damage and/or exhaustion levels.
  5. Some more exotic types of radiation might cause harmful mutations.
  6. Other types might specifically damage the brain, causing statistic damage to intelligence, wisdom, charisma etc.

Other Hazards:

Here is a sample though not an exhaustive list of dangers that might challenge players:

  1. Falling damage. 1d6 per 3 meters fallen in standard gravity.
  2. Low/high gravity. Low gravity causes muscle atrophy over time while high gravity causes exhaustion over time.
  3. Bacteria, viruses, parasites, mundane, nanite, and psionic
  4. Extreme temperatures and equipment which protects against certain levels of it
  5. Pools of acid, magma, toxic waste, paralytic brine, liquid nitrogen, nanite sludge, electric arcs, poison gas
  6. Oceans of exotic liquids such as fuels, acids, gelatin, etc

Overland Travel

Normal Space Travel

Hyper Space