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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Status Effects

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Status Effects, also known as conditions or ailments, are states that player characters (PCs) in CPF can acquire and heal from. Each condition or family of conditions is acquired and healed in different ways. The list is as follows:

Condition Name How to Acquire: Effects: How to remove:
Healthy Characters are created healthy. No advantages or disadvantages. Suffer any of the below conditions.
Crippled Some characters may be born with deformities. Some characters may become crippled by suffering a mortal wound and recovering without good medical care (i.e., in a wilderness or primitive society). A core statistic, such as strength or intelligence, is damaged below its normal level and cannot be healed by normal medicine or basic magic. Ultra-tech medicine or the spell "cure affliction".
Dead Characters can die in various ways:
  • You can die by first being brought to 0 hp (i.e., mortally wounded, or nonlethally KO'd) and then receiving any additional damage.
  • You can be instantly killed, bypassing a "mortal wound", by receiving overwhelming damage--such a large explosive, or being crushed by a large vehicle or animal or object.
  • You can be suffocated in a liquid or particulate solid or from lack of oxygen.
  • You can fall into a hazardous substance or area--harmful liquid, gas, solid, plasma or radiation--and fail to be rescued in time.
  • A helpless human -- restrained, unconscious, etc -- can be killed by an attacker with a single action, no roll needed.
While dead, a character can take no actions, and their body rapidly rots to inert materials. If it exists, their soul departs, and it is not known where the soul goes. Generally, the player of a dead character must make a new character to keep playing. The GM will fit in the new character as quickly as possible as long as there is no active battle. Death is usually incurable, but players can try to use the magic spell "Revive" or "Resurrection" to attempt to cure it. Resurrection usually leaves permanent side effects however, usually in the form of mild insanity.
Exhaustion Characters can become exhausted in various ways. The most common is by receiving a mortal wound, but you can also become exhausted by lack of oxygen or low oxygen, excessively high or low gravity, ionizing radiation, rotten food, starvation, or lack of sleep. In most of these cases, the GM might ask players to roll a Physical saving throw or receive 1 or more levels of exhaustion. Exhaustion has 5 levels:
  1. Exhaustion 1: -1 disadvantage die on all tasks requiring a roll, including attacks, saves, and skills.
  2. Exhaustion 2: All above plus halved strength (and therefore halved speed and carrying capacity).
  3. Exhaustion 3: All above plus you now must roll with disadvantage for basic tasks such as driving or climbing stairs.
  4. Exhaustion 4: All above plus half any remaining hp and you now must crawl rather than walk.
  5. Exhaustion 5: Fall unconscious and die in 6 hours.
If you are exhausted due to a mortal wound, then you must cure the mortal wound first. Otherwise, you can cure exhaustion from other sources with one level cured per full 24 hours of good comfortable rest (minimal movement) and good healthy food. You can also use the 'cure exhaustion' spell.
Paralysis Paralysis in this game is generally only caused by spells, but some types of toxic hazards may cause it as well, i.e. paralytic brine pools on an ocean floor. Paralyzed characters can speak haltingly and take 1 free action per round, but otherwise cannot act. If left unattended they may crawl 1 meter per minute, but otherwise cannot move. They may receive a mental or physical saving throw at the start of each turn to resist the effect. Attackers of paralyzed targets can kill them instantly if out of combat or receive a free critical hit in combat. Paralyzed characters automatically fail evasion saving throws. Removing the person from the hazard, medical care, the spell "cure affliction", or dispelling the spell or disrupting the concentration of the enemy sorceror can all end paralysis.
Poison/Disease/Infection/Etc. Characters may become poisoned, diseased, or infected in a variety of ways:
  • Successful attacks by a poisonous enemy or poisoned weapon.
  • Failed physical saving throws while in a very dirty area such as a sewer or swamp.
  • Eating poisoned or rotten food.
  • Exposing fresh or bandaged wounds to filth and dirt, or failing to promptly treat fresh wounds.
Each of this type of affliction is unique, but symptoms generally comprise a loss of hit points over time (linear or rolled) and often also increasing levels of exhaustion. The first step to curing afflictions is to make a medical check to diagnose the issue. Then, the player can either be fed the proper medicine from a medical supply room or a character skilled in chemistry could brew the cure themselves in a laboratory. The spell "Cure Affliction" might also help.
Recovering Characters who were mortally wounded and then stabilized are considered Recovering until their mortal wound is fully healed. The character cannot recover HP until their mortal wound is fully recovered. This takes ~1 week of bed rest, nutrition, and care. Light activity such as reading and meditation is allowed, but turbulent traveling will cancel the recovery. They will not regenerate HP during recovery week. If brought to zero hp while in recovery mode, that player will die instantly. If the character is forced to walk/work/fight while recovering, they may receive a permanent crippling deformity. The character will be healthy again (and begin regenerating HP naturally) after 1 week of good comfortable rest and care
Sleeping Characters may fall asleep by choice, because of tiredness, or by magic. The character cannot act while asleep. The character is usually prone. They have severely decreased senses while asleep. They may generally be killed without rolling unless they are some kind of extremely durable alien. Loud noise, strong smells or firm touches will wake them. If magical sleep, then dispelling will cure them.
Stabilized Characters who are mortally wounded and then bandaged are now considered stabilized. Stabilization is the first step to recovery from a mortal wound. After being stabilized, the character needs a week of good rest to recover from the mortal wound. A week of good rest will help a stabilized character make a full recovery.
Stunned Some special attacks and spells might cause a character to be stunned. Stunned characters can move normally and take free actions but not other actions. Attackers have +1 advantage die to hit them with attacks and they automatically fail evasion saving throws. Characters usually stop being stunned after 1 round of being stunned. The spell "Cure affliction" can also help.
Traumatized NPCs subjected to torture or other horrific experiences may become traumatized. This generally does not happen to PCs unless the group wants to. For a traumatized NPC, when exposed to anything recalling or triggering a recollection of the traumatic experience, the NPC may react with sudden panic, fear, rage, breakdown or flight. They may find it difficult to hold a job or social relationships. Long term therapy or the spell "heal mental trauma" can help.
Unconscious Caused by reaching 0 HP due to nonlethal damage, or general anesthesia and other drugs of various forms. The unconscious character is prone and automatically fails evasion saves. They may or may not be wounded. They have no ability to sense or defend themselves while unconscious. Attackers may generally kill them without rolling unless there is some other context. If not mortally woudned as well, the character will generally wake up in 1d8 hours, gaining 1 hp if they had 0.
Insane Insanity can be caused by spells or exposure to mind-altering effects. This fictional condition is difficult to define and never looks exactly the same. In mild cases, the player merely sees and hears and feels things that healthy players cannot. In serious cases, the player may temporarily or permanently lose control of their actions to the game master, and may need to make a new character to keep playing. Depending on the specific type of insanity, it might be cured by simply preventing the victim from hurting themselves and waiting a few hours, or it might be able to be cured by therapy or by magic, or it may be incurable by any known means.
??? The universe is a dangerous place and stranger things can always happen. Parasites, brain-sharing posession, symbiotic slime and more are all quite possibe to encounter in CPF. Focus on seeking solutions by consulting with allied NPCs and in-game abilities and resources.