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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Character Statistics

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CPF Characters have six primary statistics or stats, similar to those of other role-playing games:

Stat Full score usage: Modifier usage:
Strength (STR) Carrying Slots, Combat Speed Attacks with melee and heavy weapons, climbing, swimming and jumping with Athletics, Physical saving throws, throwing items
Dexterity (DEX) The higher of (Dex or Int) is used to determine initiative order in combat. Precise tool use such as:
explosives work
hiding, stealing and stealth
Evasion saving throws
Attacks with non-heavy ranged weapons
Constitution (Con) Your CON score is equal to your base health points (HP) . Note that other features may add more HP, such as combat skills and the 'Tough' talent. Physical saving throws. Constitution is generally not used for skills, because HP are so important.
Intelligence (INT) The higher of your Dex or Int is used to determine your initiative order in combat. Complex abstract skill use such as:
computers and sciences
recalling information
casting as a Mentalist
Evasion saving throws
Wisdom (WIS) None Sense and instinct-based skill use such as notice, navigation, animals, piloting, art, music. Can also be used to recall information. Mental Saving throws.
Charisma (CHA) The character with the highest charisma may be perceived by NPCs as the most captivating of the group. Sorceror casting, as well as charm and elegance-based skill use such as talk, business, art, music, leadership. Mental saving throws.

To calculate statistic modifiers, take the difference of your statistic from 10 and divide by 4, rounding. So, for example:

Statistic Distance from 10 Divided by 4 Modifier
7 -3 -0.75 -1
9 -1 -0.25 0
10 0 0 0
14 4 1 1
16 6 1.5 1
23 13 3.25 3

At character creation, these primary statistics may be either taken from the standard set of [7,9,10,11,12,14], or the player may roll 3d6 six times, and replace the lowest number with a 14 if higher.

After character creation, players can modify their character's statistcs in several ways:
  1. Spend experience points to increase their statistics according to the normal advancement rules:

      Your first +1 increase to any statistic costs 1 XP. Your second +1 increase to any statistic costs 2 XP. Your third costs 3, and so on.
  2. Spend 3 experience points or a 'talent pick' to acquire the 'Statistics Boost' talent, a one-time-only talent that allows the player to increase any one score by 2 or any 2 scores by 1.
  3. Explore and experiment in-game, injecting themselves with strange substances or making deals with powerful entities to earn the reward of increased statistics.
  4. Some dangerous effects in-game, such as infected wounds, may temporarily or permanently reduce the primary statistics, as well.