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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Character Statistics

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CPF Characters have three derived statistics.

Derived Statistic Derivation: Story Usage:
Health Points (HP) Your base maximum health points is 10. Add your athletics skill, Resilience skill, shoot skill, and 2x your Melee and Punch skills to this value. Your health points represent how close or far you are from being mortally wounded or dead. While you are not morally wounded or dead, you regenerate health points per comfortable 8h rest equal to 1 + STR + Resilience.
Speed (SPD) Your base speed is 5 plus your Dodge Skill, Combat skills, and Athletics Skill. This value is used to determine who acts first in combat and also how many meters they can move in combat per Move action.
Spell Points (SP) Your base maximum spell points are equal to 5 + 2 per each arcane skill level.
  • For example, if you have level 1 in teleportation and level 2 in pyromancy, you have 5+2+4 = 11 maximum spell points.
Spell points are a resource used by spell casting characters to attempt to cast spells. They regenerate at 1 point per 4 hours of rest or meditation, but this can be increased with the Meditation skill.

After character creation, character statistics are updated automatically when you increase your skills noted above.

Some aspects of your character, such as their age, height, weight, and size, aren't tracked specifically with numbers. You should handle these "fiction-first", that is, whatever makes most sense in the story. For example, a character who is a large ogre might not fit inside a crawl-space, but a rat-man might.

Some custom campaigns may track additional character statistics such as corruption level, transformation percentage, brain damage infection, etc. Ask your Game Master.