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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Spells List

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Spells, or Psionic Techniques, are discrete applications of each of the arcane skills in CPF that a player can, in theory, learn and attempt to use.

Acquiring Spells

Spell Details

For more information on casting spells, see the magic page.

Below are the spell tables. Click to expand:

Spell School Spell Level Spell Name TN to Cast Spell Description
Channeling 1 Invoke Entity Varies Cast to request contact with your patron entity, or another godlike arcane entity that you are aware of. Cast as a main action or as a ritual with a length of your choice. The effects vary wildly depending on the relationship, the casting method, the casting roll, sacrifices or embellishments, ritual time, spell points spent, the entity and the entity's attitude. You can make a specific request, such as "please smite my enemies" or "please grant us sanctuary". This spell can be cast with your choice of skill level/TN, and the entity's reaction will vary.
Teleportation 1 Core-1: Personal 10m 8 Teleport yourself and worn/carried objects. Cannot TP into a place you can't personally see, haven't been in the past, can't fit, that would cause instant death/injury, or a moving vehicle.
Teleportation 2 Core-2: Personal 100m 10 Range upgraded to 100m. Restrictions same.
Teleportation 2 UPGRADE: Blink Upgrades core power - same TN UPGRADE to core power. Core spell can now be a move action. No increase in cost or TN, but if you teleport multiple times per round, only roll once but still pay the cost multiple times.
Teleportation 3 Core-3: Personal 1km 12 Range upgraded to 1km, same restrictions.
Teleportation 3 Cargo Jump +X DC, +X points You can add +X points and +X DC to take large items OR allies with you. GM determines the number based on amount of cargo. User must be touching the things/people to take. User must go with the items. Casting time is 1 minute.
Teleportation 3 Anchor Mark 12 While maintaining concentration, you can take 5 minutes to physically touch an ethereal mark on a person, place, or item within your maximum range. Then, without rolling again, you can TP right to it. This can bypass the core power's restrictions, but for this reason it is very dangerous.
Teleportation 4 Core-4: Personal 10km 14 Range upgraded to 10km, same restrictions.
Teleportation 4 Rapid Jump UPGRADE to core power You can now use the core power as a bonus action in combat. If you teleport multiple times per round, only roll once, but pay the cost multiple times.
Teleportation 4 Unlimited Apportation UPGRADE to core power For core personal TP without upgrades, no spell point cost. Still has roll risk and arrival risk.
Teleportation 4 Flicker 14 Cast as a main action and concentrate. For up to 1 hour, your presence flickers in a blur. Enemies have disadvantage to hit you and it is difficult for living things to identify you. If an attack would still hit you, you can use your reaction to teleport away using the core power rules, negating that hit.
Teleportation 4 Scatter 14 Cast as main action. Spreads up to 6 targets randomly to safe places within 50m radius. Difficult to control.
Teleportation 5 Core-5: Personal 100km 16 Range upgraded to 100km, same restrictions.
Teleportation 5 Offensive Intrusion 16 Use this spell to TP yourself and worn/carried items into a moving vehicle or place you can't see or haven't been, within your core range, with safest possible placement, though you do not control exact placement or receive spatial information.
Teleportation 5 Banishment 16 By touching a person, you can teleport them to a core-valid target location without needing their consent, and while keeping yourself stationary. Use same roll as normal. You cannot put them into guaranteed harm.
Teleportation 5 Send Item 16 You attempt to teleport an item, such as a bomb, to a core-valid location, without your accompaniment.
Teleportation 5 Rift 16 You attempt to open a new rift into another dimension (i.e. hyperspace, plane of shadow, etc) where there is none. Even on a perfect success, this is not guaranteed to be safe. This can be used to find new hyperlanes. Lower difficulty if there's a thin barrier in spacetime.
Teleportation 5 Recall 16 You attempt to bring allied and consenting people, vehicles and equipment within your max range, to your location, safely. The area of effect is a 50m radius circle. Cannot teleport buildings. The allies must prepare with proper arcane markings which takes about an hour to do for 100 people, but casting the spell is a main action.
Teleportation 5 Summon 16 You attempt to teleport a single person or entity within your core range, into your presence without their consent. You must know them and their location in detail. The entity is not guaranteed to be pleased, but will be safe on a success (assuming the destination is a safe environment for them). If the entity is a magic user, they may increase the difficulty, use counterspell, or other methods of resistance.
Teleportation 6 Core-6: Personal 1000km (Orbital Jump) 18 Range upgraded to 1000km (orbital). Same restrictions. Can be used to jump from/to allied ships in orbit & orbital stations.
Teleportation 6 Mass Teleport 18 You attempt to teleport a massive chunk of earth, buildings, people, vehicles, etc. up to 1 mile radius, up to 6 light years away. Requires a 48-hour ritual, half of which is at origin, and half of which is at destination. Includes you (you teleport at 24:00:01), and drains all spell points, causes exhaustion. You can do nothing else, not even eat or sleep, during the 48 hours. The subjects will be partially phased in a hyper-compressed-dimension until the ritual is entirely complete. Distraction or disruption causes total loss.
Teleportation 6 Activate Stargate 18 With a 6-hour ritual, you transform a metal-hyperion-alloy portal frame into a an active stargate. This is an permanent-until-dispelled, noisy, brightly glowing portal that can transport terrestrial beings and vehicles up to 50 light years away or to other dimensions, near-instantly, making use of a hyper-compressed liminal dimension. A good engineer friend is important here for good results. The portal will remain active until dispelled. Maximum portal radius is 15m, enough for elephants and/or battlemechs to pass through. This is a legendary spell that enables the rapid spread of powerful empires.
Metaphysics 1 Core-1: Sense Arcane 8 Cast and concentrate. While this is running, you can roll your Metaphysics skill like a Notice check to sense any active spells, magical influence, or arcane anomalies nearby. Requires concentration. This can reveal magically invisible and illusionary things to you only. Helping allies target those things will cost your main action.
Metaphysics 2 Core-2: Sense Origins 8 This level also allows you to get a hint of who or what originated a certain detected arcane effect, and in what direction they may be found.
Metaphysics 2 Cloak Status 10 While you maintain concentration, you may mask your status as a user of magic, as well as any magic items you are wielding or carrying, and active spell effects. Upcast to protect against detection by more powerful enemies. Does not remove your personal sign of casting.
Metaphysics 2 Read Magic 10 This spell allows you to read magical scrolls, books, symbols, sigils, and runes of power, regardless of the civilization from which they came.
Metaphysics 3 Core-3: Sense Casters 12 This level allows you to sense nearby magic-using beings within 1km. It also lets you conduct a 30-minute ritual to detect if a target consenting person has the potential to be trained in magic.
Metaphysics 3 Triggered Message 12 Cast and make a small mark or rune on a surface and designate a conditional trigger and a message. Thereafter, while concentration is maintained, any person who activates that trigger, hears a secret psychic message that you have programmed.
Metaphysics 3 Mental Fortress 12 While you maintain concentration, you and allies within 10' have an additional advantage die on saves vs. spells. Lasts up to 1 hour.
Metaphysics 3 Counterspell/Dispel Varies This can be cast as a main action or reaction. As a main action, you attempt to end an ongoing spell effect. Cost and TN is based on target spell level. Alternatively, you can cast it as a reaction when you think someone else is casting something on you. Again, cost and TN varies. Range 10 meters. If an enemy counterspells your counterspell, the cost to continue the attempt will continuously increase.
Metaphysics 3 Thought Parasite 12 You can cast this spell as a reaction when you are targeted with any spell, even a simple detection spell. Willingly fail the save, and you send a psionic parasite into the opponent's mind. While active, you will know the other spells they cast, and some of their thoughts. once only as a free action, you can trigger the parasite to explode, stunning them for a round with 3 psychic damage and making them fail one save you choose.
Metaphysics 3 Suspended Spell 12 While you maintain concentration, you can prepare another spell to release as an instantaneous free action. Only roll once, using the higher cost and Dc.
Metaphysics 4 Core-4: Sense Spell Echoes 14 This level allows you to gain a vision of the history of magic power use on a particular object or place, along with the general timeframes of major events. Better rolls get more info.
Metaphysics 4 UPGRADE: Effortless Detection UPGRADE to core power This upgrade means that you cannot fail while using any level of your core Metamagic Senses. You must still pay the point cost, maintain concentration, and roll for more/less information.
Metaphysics 4 Synthetic Adaptation UPGRADE: +2 Cost & TN This upgrade means that your other spells, such as healing, illusion, and telepathic spells, will work on robots and electronic sensors. However, to do such things, you must pay an additional 2 points and the difficulty of the spell increases by 2. Repairing bots still requires spare parts. Computer skill may help when you use magic to tamper with A.I.
Metaphysics 4 Inscribe Scroll 14 Cast and spend 4 hours to write another spell into a scroll or electronic document. This inscription is infused with power and then can be read by another person, including non-casters, to produce the effect. When used, the inscription vanishes or deletes itself.
Metaphysics 4 Consecrate 4 With 3 days of rituals (breaks are allowed), you consecrate a certain room for arcane purposes, in accordance with your casting style. Spells cast in here by you and your allies have one additional advantage die, and enemies casting spells here are disadvantaged. Note that this spell does not protect form hostile spells cast outside it-that's Ward. The area is consecreated until it's destroyed, dispelled or desecrated.
Metaphysics 4 Geas 14 Using a 1-hour ritual which requires their cooperation or restraint, you place a logic-triggered spell upon a target person, specifying requirements and restrictions. When that person's actions meet the trigger, they receive 2d6 potentially lethal psychic damage. This happens repeatedly until dispelled or until all requirements are fulfilled. In most cases this spell causes permanent nonmagical psychological trauma.
Metaphysics 4 Glyph 14 In a 1-minute ritual, you physically (not psychically) mark a faint or hidden symbol upon a surface. When touched or triggered by conditions you specify, it auto-casts another spell that you imprint on it. Requires concentration. Roll only once, using the higher dc/cost.
Metaphysics 4 Coven 14 Spending the points and conducting a 1-hour ritual, you and up to 5 other willing casters may share spell knowledge and points. You must remain within 100m of each other. Must be refreshed after 24 hours. The knowledge disappears when the spell lapses.
Metaphysics 5 Core-5: Sense Portals 16 This level allows you to sense and locate holes, tunnels, rips, and weak points in the fabric of spacetime. This can be used to find new dimensions, planes, hyperlanes, wormholes, and stargates.
Metaphysics 5 Enchant Item 16 Cast to enchant an item with another spell so that it can be used by a non-caster. Requires 1-7 days of work. Requires rare ingredients, and an engineer friend or personal engineering skill is a great help.
Metaphysics 5 Psychic Storm 16 You attempt to cause a localized psychic storm with a minimum 100m radius. While active, disadvantage on all psychic rolls in the area, and anyone attempting to cast a spell receives 1d6 nonlethal psychic damage (to their hp) that also burns their spell points. Mundane people get headaches and are inexplicably inclined to leave the area. Exactly how this works is unknown. The duration of the storm varies and you do not control its size or movement.
Metaphysics 5 Arcane Training - By spending a month in focused teaching with daily 8-hour classes, you can train another person who you have determined has potential, to get the talent Caster-I and level-1 in an arcane skill you know. They will use the same casting style as you. After that point, they can buy skill levels in it as normal when they gain levels. 4 point cost per class per day, but there is no need for either person to roll during the process.
Metaphysics 5 Contingency 16 With a 30-minute ritual, you set up a spell and trigger on yourself. The spell must be level 4 or lower. When the trigger is met, the spell is automatically cast. You can have 1 at a time. The object spell must have a casting time of 30 minutes or less. Roll once on the higher of either spell's TN.
Metaphysics 5 Ward & Ward Penetration 16 By spending 8 hours in work and concentration, you ward an area of up to 100m radius against enemy casters. Anyone attempting to cast a spell on or in the area that you do not wish to allow receives one disadvantage die when attempting to do so and you will be mentally notified of their attempt. Alternatively, you can use this spell to attempt to penetrate an enemy's ward.
Metaphysics 6 Core-6: Sense Knowledge & Power 18 This level allows you to sense where you can go next to learn more magic and gain more power, at any distance. Better rolls give more info.
Metaphysics 6 Absorb Knowledge 18 Immediately gain 6 more experience points for magic skills. Additionally, as an active touch ritual that takes 10 minutes, you may absorb any new or higher level increased arcane skills from restrained or consenting targets. Causes exhaustion in both people.
Metaphysics 6 UPGRADE: Sculpt Spells - By adding 1-2 spell point cost and no change to TN, you can now cast any spell you know with one or two of the following additional benefits: No sign, double range, half cast time, double numeric effect, double duration, guaranteed safety, bonus action, double number of targets.
Metaphysics 6 Spell Permanency +2 TN Choose another spell that does not create a permanent effect. Double the point cost, spend the total point cost in days of ritual time, and increase the difficulty by 2. That spell effect is now permanent until dispelled and does not require concentration.
Fleshwarping 1 Core-1: Arcane Healing 1d3 8 You use your healing power to (a) heal 1 hp to a non-mortally-wounded target OR (b) stabilize a mortally wounded target with a main action. Does not heal conditions. Must touch.
Fleshwarping 2 Core-2: Arcane Healing 2 10 You stabilize or heal 2 hp to a living biological target, as one main action. Does not heal conditions. Must touch.
Fleshwarping 2 Scaleskin 10 Spend 1 action and concentrate to improve a nearby target's armor class by +4, by increasing the toughness of their skin. Lasts 3 hours per cast. Does not work with vacuum sealed armors.
Fleshwarping 2 Yogic Extension 10 Choose a target person within 20m. Cast and concentrate for an amount of time up to 1 hour to cause that person's arms or legs (not both) to extend 3 times their normal length, while maintaining the same strength, dexterity and control. When the spell ends, the person receives 2 nonlethal damage representing intense pain.
Fleshwarping 2 UPGRADE: Telekinetic Healing 10 Your core healing spells can now optionally be used at a distance of up to 15 meters. The target must be in line of sight. Pay +1 spell point cost when you use this upgrade. TN is the same.
Fleshwarping 2 UPGRADE: Mastered Healing 10 You now cannot fail to use your Core Arcane Healing techniques, and do not need to roll to cast them. They still have a point cost.
Fleshwarping 3 Core-3: Arcane Healing 3 12 You stabilize and heal 3 hit points to a target, as one main action. Does not heal conditions.
Fleshwarping 3 Forced Life 12 Select a target ally that is taking a hit. Cast this spell as a free action or reaction, and concentrate. You can keep that target alive at 1hp during a combat, preventing mortal wounds and any loss of consciousness as long as you concentrate. Further hits cause concentration checks and more point cost. Heavy weapons and overwhelming force will still instantly kill the target.
Fleshwarping 3 Facial Distortion 12 Cast as 10-minute ritual. Reshape a target's face to appear to be someone else, for up to 4 hours, with good accuracy. Alternatively, increase their CHA by +8. Can add Art skill to the roll. Causes intense pain afterwards equivalent to 2 nonlethal damage.
Fleshwarping 3 Minor Adaptation 12 Reshape a willing target's body to gain one minor environmental adaptation that you are aware of, for up to 4 hours. Claws, climbing pads, Gills, glider wings, rad processing glands, oil-breathing, etc. Causes exhaustion in target after expiration. Can add animals skill. Cannot grant flight due to weight. Takes 10 minutes to cast.
Fleshwarping 3 UPGRADE: Quick Heal 12 Your core healing spells can now be used as a bonus action in combat. Pay +1 spell point cost when you use this upgrade.
Fleshwarping 4 Enlarge Creature 14 As main action, concentrate and enlarge a target person or animal by up to twice its normal size. Cannot cast on yourself.
Fleshwarping 4 Shrink Creature 14 As main action, concentrate and shrink a target person or animal by up to half its normal size. Cannot cast on yourself.
Fleshwarping 4 Core-4: Arcane Healing 4 14 You stabilize or heal 4 hit points or statistic points to a target, as one main action. Does not heal conditions.
Fleshwarping 4 Harm 14 Touching a target, you deal 2d6 nonlethal pain damage and severely cripple one of the target's main 6 statistics down to the level of a small child. They will recover their faculties after a full day of good rest.
Fleshwarping 4 Viral Inception 14 Touching a target, you seed in their flesh a secret virus that will kill them via aneurysm within 4-12 weeks. Requires touch. Better control on higher rolls.
Fleshwarping 4 UPGRADE: Healing Aura 14 Your core healing techniques can now be used to also heal all selected targets within 10 meters of the caster. Pay +3 additional spell point cost when you use this upgrade.
Fleshwarping 4 Cure Condition Varies by condition You attempt to use magic to cure status ailments such as Disease/Poison/Paralysis/Blindness/Deafness. Longer rituals significantly improve results. Each affliction has a different TN set by the GM. On fail, magic cannot cure this and an alternative solution must be pursued. Does not work on exhaustion or mortal wounds.
Fleshwarping 4 Cure Exhaustion 14 Cures 1 level of exhaustion that was caused by some effect other than a mortal wound.
Fleshwarping 4 Cure Mortal Wound 14 Heals Mortal Wounds in a careful 3-hour ritual. The target must get a comfortable night's sleep, afterwards, or the wound returns.
Fleshwarping 5 Core-5: Arcane Healing 5 16 You stabilize or heal 5 hit points or statistic points to a target, as one main action. Does not heal poisons or mortal wounds.
Fleshwarping 5 Permanent Mutation 16 Add a permanent mutation to an ally, affecting less than 50% of the body. You can add your medicine or animals skill. This includes gender reassignment, or increasing an ability with +2. Takes 8 hours and, on success, puts subject in mortal wound/stabilized/recovering status. Cannot apply more than 1 to a subject. Whether it succeeds or fails, the results cannot be dispelled and are real.
Fleshwarping 5 Hypertrophy 16 Cast to give a consenting target person 22 in all physical statistics, advantage on all physical rolls including damage, and 40 total hit points (specifically, set to 40). Requires concentration. The target cannot concentrate on spells. Cannot cast on yourself. Lasts 4 hours, target gains +1 exhaustion afterward.
Fleshwarping 5 Torment 16 By touching a target, you immediately add 1 to a target's exhaustion (i.e., give them disadvantge on all rolls), as well as 2d6 nonlethal psychic damage. They are now in extreme unrelenting pain. Concentrate to repeat the effects again each round with no additional rolls needed. This causes permanent mental trauma.
Fleshwarping 5 Limited Immortality Passive spell PASSIVE: While active, you cannot be mortally wounded. If "killed", and if you are still in a hospitable environment, you will regenerate from your largest fragment in 24 hours, during which you can sense your surroundings, and after which you are active and healthy with 1 hit point. This ability is then discharged (re-enabling death) and recharges after 1 full week of good health.
Fleshwarping 6 Core-6: Arcane Healing 6 18 You can stabilize AND heal a target of up to 6 of HP AND damaged ability scores with a main action. Does not heal poisons or mortal wounds.
Fleshwarping 6 Resurrection 18 You attempt to revive a corpse. Base TN is 18, but varies based on the target's condition, and the status of the soul, in addition to normal casting variables. Even on a successful cast, some temporary or permanent resurrection sickness is likely. On a low result, risk of loading the wrong soul or damage to the body or soul.
Fleshwarping 6 Lifeshaping 18 You attempt to shape new life forms out of suitable amounts of hydrocarbons. Each attempt takes 24 hours, leaving you exhausted for 1 week. Can add your skill in medicine or animals.
Fleshwarping 6 Transformation 18 Completely and permanently transform the bodily features of a willing participant. Leaves them exhausted for 1 week. Can borrow flesh from sacrificial victims if more is needed.
Fleshwarping 6 True Immortality 18 PASSIVE: Requires Limited Immortality. You can never be mortally wounded and you always automatically regenerate as long as any fragment of your body is in an environment appropriate for your species, but even if not, that fragment remains until it is. You cannot die.
Chronomancy 1 Core-1: Visions 1 hour 8 Get hints about the potential past or future on a certain topic, within a 1-hour radius in time.
Chronomancy 2 Core-2: Visions 1 day 10 Get hints about the potential past or future of a certain topic, within a 1-day radius in time.
Chronomancy 2 Foresight 10 Cast this as an instant reaction to auto-win initiative when a combat begins or to act first in any other urgent situation. If someone else also casts then roll with just that person. If the party is ambushed, and you cast, then only you are excepted from surprise.
Chronomancy 2 Portent 10 Cast in the morning to gain 1 portent roll. Roll 2d6, then save the results. You keep this portent roll through the day until your next sleep cycle, and may apply it to allies/enemies when needed, before modifiers, thereby expending it. If unused, they expire at end of day. You cannot have or use more than 2 portents between good rests.
Chronomancy 2 Sense the Need 10 Cast, retroactively, and prove that you brought along a useful item that you could conceivably have had and brought from earlier. Doesn't work as well with expensive or ultra-powerful items, but might depending on context and roll.
Chronomancy 3 Core-3: Visions 1 week 12 Get hints about the potential past or future of a certain topic, within a 1-week radius in time.
Chronomancy 3 Foreboding 12 Cast as a reaction when a trap, ambush, or sudden hazard is triggered. If successful, trap remains untripped, hazards remain contained, and the party is not surprised by enemies.
Chronomancy 3 Slow 12 As a main action, you commit concentration and attempt to slow a biological person or creature. They drop to -1 initiative and can only take 1 type of action, and have a 25% chance to lose their turn in combat. Works on robots. Lasts up to 4 hours.
Chronomancy 3 Future Shunt 12 You touch a target person or object to send them a certain amount of time into the future. Good rolls and upcasting allow more control.
Chronomancy 4 Core-4: Visions 1 month 14 Get hints about the potential past or future of a certain topic, within a 1-month radius in time.
Chronomancy 4 Disfavor 14 Cast as an instant reaction when you don't like an enemy's roll. It is then re-rolled. You choose which roll to keep. Does not work on friends.
Chronomancy 4 Haste 14 As a main action, you commit concentration and increase the global speed of a biological person or creature. This means that they appear to be twice as fast as ordinary people, and for them, ordinary people seem slow. If used in battle, they get +1 additional Main Action per turn in addition to double speed. Upcast for more speed or more targets.
Chronomancy 4 Probability Curse 14 Cast on a target to give them +1 disadvantage die on all rolls for 1 minute. Requires concentration.
Chronomancy 4 Probability Blessing 14 Cast on a target to give them +1 advantage die on all rolls for 1 minute. Requires concentration.
Chronomancy 4 Timeshaping 14 Cast and concentrate. For an hour, you have some minor control over minor random events such as gambling, cosmic radiation, wind, industrial accidents, etc. During this hour, you can make very unlikely concidences happen at will.
Chronomancy 5 Core-5: Visions 1 year 16 Get hints about the potential past or future of a certain topic, within a 1-year radius in time.
Chronomancy 5 Fork Timeline 16 Cast as a reaction when you don't like anything that happened in the past 30 seconds. You roll back time by 30 seconds. Only you remember what happened. More time with better rolls.
Chronomancy 5 Deathfeint 16 You can see the spirit of death approaching you, and dodge him at a cost. Cast as a reaction when you or an ally are about to die or be mortally wounded for any reason. The timeline is rearranged to leave the target with at least 1 hp. This may affect many things in the timeline.
Chronomancy 5 Prophecy 16 Cast to make a prediction involving yourself or your environment within the next year. Provided that no active effort is made against the development, and resistance is resisted, it will come to pass. Requires concentration for the full duration, which can be kept while sleeping.
Chronomancy 5 Time Stop 16 You stop time for 2 combat rounds for everyone in the universe except the target person (usually yourself). Target can do anything they like. Note that machines do not function while time is stopped. Upcast for more length or different targets.
Chronomancy 5 View Timestreams 16 Allows you to step outside of time into the temporal dimension and view several different ways that this situation might have been and might become. You cannot affect these; only view them. Time is stopped during the viewing, but you cannot take actions other than viewing.
Chronomancy 5 Mass Slow 16 Cast with concentration to attempt to slow all biological enemies in a 10' circle. They all drop to -1 initiative and can take only 1 type of action, and have a 25% chance to lose their turn.
Chronomancy 6 Core-6: Visions Unlimited 18 Get visions of the ancient past or far future of a certain topic, with no limits as long as you can identify what time period you want to view.
Chronomancy 6 Time Travel 18 You may rewind time into the past or advance it into the future, up to your maximum time range, involving the party. Be warned that even on a perfect success, this will change the present, permanently.
Chronomancy 6 Timeline Jump 18 With this spell, you and your party can jump to the same time position in alternate universes. You cast this spell by phrasing it like this: "A timeline in which ____." The more conditions you add, the higher the difficulty and the more changes that get made. If you don't like the result, you can try to jump back, but reverting is harder and may be impossible.
Telekinetics 1 Core-1: Manipulation 10kg, 1 obj 8 As main action, you can move or "TK Hold" an object you can see at range. Concentrate to continue floating the object indefinitely. Can't damage people, animals, or robots. Cannot perform fine manipulation by telekinesis. If you drop concentration, the objects drop, so be careful. You can levitate the object up to [5m*skill] in height.
Telekinetics 2 Core-2: Manipulation 20kg, 1 obj 10 As core-1, but 20kg total and 2 objects.
Telekinetics 2 TK Step 10 While concentrating, for up to 30 seconds (5 turns), you can walk on walls, ceilings and the surfaces of liquids. Those surfaces may still damage you.
Telekinetics 2 TK Jump 10 While concentrating, you can jump up to 10 meters high. Up-cast for 20,30,40,etc. This does not protect you from fall damage.
Telekinetics 2 Modify Temperature 10 As main action, concentrate and make the room or general 20m radius area around you become up to 10 degrees celsius colder or hotter.
Telekinetics 2 Gust of Wind 10 Cast to create strong winds within 15m radius while you concentrate. Strong enough to slam doors, but not strong enough by default to knock people over.
Telekinetics 2 Feather Fall 10 As a reaction, commit your concentration to slow the fall of 2 people, animals, robots or objects. The fall is slowed to a safe and gentle descent, but you must continue to be able to see the target(s). Maximum duration 1 hour. Upcast for more targets.
Telekinetics 3 Core-3: Manipulation 50kg, 3 obj 12 As core-1, but 50kg total and up to 3 objects.
Telekinetics 3 TK Assault 12 As main action, fling all of your floating objects, or nearby qualifying objects, towards one or more enemies. D20 attack roll. Damage depends on objects. Can add "shoot" skill and talent accuracy bonuses. You can make this a special attack.
Telekinetics 3 Protective Field 12 As a main action, you commit concentration and create a telekinetic protection field around a consenting or inanimate target with ONE of the following properties: Radiation protection; breathable air, poisonous gas or liquid filtering, set pressure, set gravity, set temperature, etc. Does not work on enemies. This spell can help when vacuum suits fail. Upcast for more protections or targets.
Telekinetics 3 UPGRADE: TK Expert 12 You now can't fail with core unmodified TK power use.
Telekinetics 3 Decelerate Projectile 12 As a reaction, cast to decelerate a projectile aimed at you to a dead stop. Can be cast up to your core object limit. When cast, you can choose to replace any one TK Held object with this new object.
Telekinetics 3 Remove Friction 12 As a Main Action, select a 10m radius circle on the floor. That area's friction is severely reduced. Any person or vehicle in or entering that area must make an evasion save at the start of every turn or fall and slide.
Telekinetics 3 TK Wall 12 As Main action, reshape solid held items into a thin wall or walls that remain while you hold concentration. The wall has varying ac/hp depending on material. It can be shaped in various ways. When concentration is released, it collapses into rubble.
Telekinetics 3 TK Shield 12 As a bonus action, send your held objects into orbit around a target person or animal. Pay the point cost, but don't roll until the recipient is attacked. Thereafter, when an attack is directed towards the recipient, you can use a reaction to roll and try to block an attack. If an attack is blocked, one object shatters, perhaps dangerously.
Telekinetics 4 Core-4: Manipulation 100kg, 4 obj 14 As core-1, but 100kg total and 4 objects.
Telekinetics 4 TK Grapple 14 As a main action, attempt to use your core TK power on an animate npc or enemy entity. Valid operations are restrain, pull, shove, levitate. Better rolls give better result, or more targets.
Telekinetics 5 Core-5: Manipulation 200kg, 5 obj 14 As core-1, but 200kg and 5 objects.
Telekinetics 5 Magnetic Rip 14 As main action, pull all the least-secured metal objects out of their fixings within 10m. Note that this is a faster way to gather 5 objects than the core method. This is strong enough to pull out screws, bolts and near-surface ore veins. Pulls all such objects that you desire, though still must obey your max held objects - the others fall. You can elect to not pull some objects. Works on robots.
Telekinetics 5 TK Choke 14 Cast on a target to concentrate and crush or choke part of their body with telekinetic force. This restrains them and damages them with your choice of 1 damage up to 2d6 damage per round. Can be lethal or nonlethal.
Telekinetics 5 Redirect Projectiles 16 As a reaction when you are targeted by one or more projectiles, attempt to redirect them towards another target. Obeys your object limit. This works for physical, energy, and magical projectiles. Must obey your weight limit.
Telekinetics 5 Transmutation 16 By spending 1-5 hours, you can reshape one generally homogenous object into another by sculpting the molecules, or separate a homogeneous substance into purified components. Examples include desalination of water, metal ore into swords, carbon into diamond, etc. Difficulty depends on context. This is generally slower than the scientific alternative, but requires no tools. When combined with good basic skills, results are superior to those achievable by mundane methods.
Telekinetics 5 TK Dexterity 16 You can use this spell to "TK Hold" an item that you want to finely manipulate at range. You could operate a computer at range, fire a gun at range, entangle someone in a rope, etc. Doing these activities will use your skill with that item, after the spell is cast.
Telekinetics 6 Core-6: Manipulation 5000kg, 10 obj 18 As core-1, but 1000kg and 10 objects.
Telekinetics 6 18 Earthquake tn You cause a violent earthquake, centered on your location, for up to 5 minutes. Concentrating on this spell is not easy. May damage or collapse buildings--very dangerous.
Telekinetics 6 Weather Control 18 You attempt to cause and control an electrical storm in the local area. Concentrating on this spell is not easy. You must remain outdoors while working on it. Good results may allow finer control. Lightning strikes deal 6d6 damage and wind can push and shove targets.
Telekinetics 6 Molecular Assembly 18 By spending a long time (1-7+ days) in focus and concentration, and with the appropriate materials, assistance, and understanding (or a scientist and engineer friend), you can fabricate tools, weapons, and machines at the molecular level by telekinetically rearranging atoms, creating ultra-tech products in the way of the ancients. This causes exhaustion for you. Requires a solid understanding of exactly how all the parts work together.
Telepathy 1 Core-1: Read Emotions 8 Cast on a visible and unaware or consenting target. As an instantaneous effect, you learn the strongest few emotions and a word or image associated with them. When any telepathy spell is used, the targets are not necessarily aware of the intrusion unless trained in telepathy or metaphysics. Aware and nonconsenting targets may resist an otherwise successful cast. All telepathy spells do not work on robots. You still must make your normal casting sign, but the target might not notice if distracted.
Telepathy 2 Core-2: Send Thoughts 10 Can cast this to establish contact and send and receive thoughts from one consenting target. Only affects intentionally sent thoughts. No common language is necessary. Lasts up to 10 minutes per cast. Concentration.
Telepathy 2 UPGRADE: Mental Register - UPGRADE. When cast for consenting targets, "Send Thoughts" is now a free action, and can't fail. Range is 100m and still requires line of sight. You still must spend spell points, concentrate, and make the sign to initiate.
Telepathy 2 Send Emotion 10 Can cast this to send one generic, mild emotion to a target. Fear, anxiety, relaxation, tiredness, etc. Works on animals. Concentrate for up to 10 minutes.
Telepathy 2 Hidden Sensor 10 As a main action, concentrate and touch a target person or animal, consenting or nonconsenting, and cast. For 6 hours thereafter, you can choose to close your eyes and sense what that person senses.
Telepathy 2 Mind Meld 10 Cast this in a 10-minute ritual while touching a consenting or restrained target to temporarily merge thoughts and memories. This is a more dangerous way to get more information with a low skill level. Roll, relationship and other factors determines results. Even if you get the information you want, you or both parties may receive nonlethal psychic damage, and they will know your memories as well.
Telepathy 3 Core-3: Read Thoughts 12 Can cast this to read surface thoughts, but not memories. Target must be visible and within 10 meters. Lasts up to 10 minutes per cast.
Telepathy 3 Sense Hostiles 16 Cast to sense hostile living beings within 100m that want to hurt, kill, block or incapacitate you. You get a vague sense of identity, intensity and direction.
Telepathy 3 Distant Thoughts 12 Cast to use Send Thoughts, i.e. communicate mentally with a target, at a distance of up to 100 km with no sight requirement. Can't use penetrative techniques. Targets can answer or ignore the call. Need to upcast for more range: 4=1000km, 5=1ly, 6=5ly.
Telepathy 3 Veracity Field 12 Cast to make it impossible to lie in a 10m^2 certain space for 4 hours. Concentration. Targets aren't aware of this unless trained in telepathy or Metaphysics.
Telepathy 3 Speak with Dead 12 Cast to telepathically communicate with a corpse--specifically, its brain. 10-minute ritual, the brain must be within 1m of you. You get 1 question per cast. The corpse's answers decay as their brain decays with time.
Telepathy 3 Suppress Thoughts 12 Cast to suppress a certain thought in a target for 5 minutes. Concentration. Sudden danger, alarm or physical trauma will break the spell.
Telepathy 4 Core-4: Read One Memory 14 Can cast this to read one specific memory, once per cast. Requires concentration for a few seconds while it's working. Suppressed memories may require higher spells.
Telepathy 4 Shared Senses 14 Cast to allow all party members to share senses while you maintain concentration.
Telepathy 4 Sudden Reflex 14 Cast to cause a sudden and seemingly involuntary reflex in a visible target--i.e., a soldier holding a gun to shoot, a worker to drop a heavy carried object, a driver to swerve
Telepathy 4 Sleep 14 Cast to try to put one non-combatant target to sleep. Cannot work in combat or in other extreme risk situations unless the target is exhausted or unless upcasted.
Telepathy 4 Hypnosis 14 Cast as part of a long conversation in a calm context with a nonviolent npc. They become extremely vulnerable to suggestion by you and your allies. Lasts up to 1 hour, after which you can make them sleep or wake up without rolling.
Telepathy 4 Send group emotion 14 Cast to send a single generic emotion to a group of up to 12 targets. If one target is aware of the spell, can end it for all.
Telepathy 4 Mental Assault 14 After making contact with a target using another Telepathy spell, cast to cause 2d6 psychic damage and stun for 1 round. This can kill.
Telepathy 5 Core-5: Read Memory Category 16 Read a target and learn up to one whole category of memory before losing the connection. Repressed memories may require "enter dream" instead.
Telepathy 5 Temporary Insanity 16 Cast on a group of targets to make them temporarily insane. You cannot control what the result will be, but it will certainly be far from their current state.
Telepathy 5 Enter Dream 16 Cast as a 10 minute ritual to allow your party to enter the target's sleeping mind in order to retrieve, change, destroy, or insert all possible memories and thoughts. The main benefit of this spell versus others is that it cannot fail in the casting, it only fails if the dream ends before the objective is complete.
Telepathy 5 Switch Minds 16 4 hour ritual. You completely and permanently switch the complete brain-data of 2 consenting or restrained targets. (result is not considered magical and can't be dispelled.) Exhausts you and them. You can be one of the targets.
Telepathy 5 Copy Mind 16 4 hour ritual. You completely and permanently copy the psyche and memories of one person, and place this new copy into another person, completely overwriting the victim's mind. The target will be exhausted. From that point on, the two minds will diverge.
Telepathy 5 Unified Minds 16 Cast to link up to 8 allies for 8 hours with these benefits: Share thoughts, share best initiative, temporarily switch character sheets, get one extra turn in combat for any one player. The caster herself cannot benefit and must concentrate.
Telepathy 5 Paralyze 16 Cast as a main action to attempt to totally paralyze a target. Lasts for 1 minute with concentration.
Telepathy 6 Core-6: Read Mind 18 Cast to establish a complete connection to know anything the target knows. Lasts as long as they are visible to you.
Telepathy 6 Mind Control 18 Cast as a main action to completely dominate a target's mind and control them for 1 hour. Requires concentration. Traumatic effect.
Telepathy 6 Mass Paralyze 18 Cast to attempt to paralyze a group of biological enemies in a self-visible 5' radius circle. Concentration for up to 10 minutes.
Telepathy 6 Heal Mental Trauma 18 Spend 1 month of daily rituals with a target to heal any kind of psychic trauma and render them immune to that trauma in the future. Requires consent. Failure means more time is needed.
Telepathy 6 Erase Memories 18 With a 30-minute ritual, you can browse through a consenting or restrained target's memories and selectively erase them. These memories will be permanently erased and can never be retrieved by any mundane or magic skill. If the target is unwilling, this may cause mental trauma that is inexplicable to them.
Illusion 1 Core-1: Basic Illusion 8 Sight-only - Instantly make an illusion of your choice at a location you can see that is visual-only in up to a 1m cube, up to 1 minute duration. All illusion spells require concentration and do not work on robots, cameras or microphones. Also generally, they don't work as well on demigods and gods.
Illusion 2 Core-2: Basic Illusion 10 Sight & sound - 1m cube, up to 5 minutes. The sound can be up to the volume of a shout or scream.
Illusion 2 Ventriloquism 10 As a main action, project your voice to originate from another location within 20m.
Illusion 2 Deafness 10 Cast on a target personally visible to you. Lasts up to 10 minutes.
Illusion 2 Lightball 10 Cast and concentrate to summon a sphere of gentle light that floats and follows you within 2 meters. You can choose the color and move it around within 2 meters. Higher results provide more control. Unlimited duration while you concentrate.
Illusion 2 Blindness 10 Cast on a target personally visible to you. Lasts up to 10 minutes.
Illusion 3 Core-3: Basic Illusion 12 Sight & Sound - 5m cube, up to 10 minutes
Illusion 3 Silence 12 Designate an area you can see. No living thing can hear anything in a 10m sphere without using magic. Lasts 10 minutes. Up-cast for more size.
Illusion 3 Darkness 12 Designate an area you can see. No one can see anything in a 10m sphere without using magic. Does not actually turn off any lights. Lasts 10 minutes. Up-cast for more size.
Illusion 3 Invisibility 12 Cast on a person, animal or object. The target is invisible to the eyes of living creatures for up to 10 minutes. They can still be heard, smelled, heat-sensed, etc. This counts the ability to hide in plain sight, and as an advantage die on stealth vs. the target's enemies that rely primarily on vision.
Illusion 3 Imaginary Friend/Enemy 12 Cast to create an imaginary person that only you and the target can interact with. They are insubstantial and cannot be touched or touch, or else they will immediately tear and disintegrate. Lasts up to 10 minutes. Can look very similar to a real person. Completely dependent on your commands - must use main actions to command it in sight.
Illusion 4 Core-4: Basic Illusion 14 Sight, Sound, Touch (10ac,1hp)- 10m cube, 30 minutes. Touchable illusions can be gently touched but obviously tear if leaned on, hurt or stepped on. When torn, they appear to be made of a bright white papery dusty substance that fades after 6 seconds, and likewise progressively collapse in functioning during that time.
Illusion 4 Blackout 14 Designate a radius 10m sphere. No living being can hear, see, smell, touch, etc. any sense, for up to 4 hours, in that area, not even you.
Illusion 4 Imaginary Fighter/Lover 14 Cast to create an imaginary person that everyone can see and interact with. Is sturdy enough to have 14ac and 4hp. Lasts 2 hours. Can look just like a real person. Still exists out of your sight within 100m. Can attack with any illusionary weapon, +4 to hit and 1d6 nonlethal psychic damage per hit. Doesn't have skills. Behaves rigidly according to your commands unless you commit full focus (continuous action) to guide it, even while out of sight.
Illusion 5 Core-5: Basic Illusion 16 All senses - 15m cube, 4 hours. 10ac/1 hp. Cannot attack.
Illusion 5 Weave Matrix 16 While a target is asleep, you conduct a 4 hour ritual to establish an imaginary world for them to live in that seems real. After that point, you can go about your business as long as you maintain concentration. They will not wake as long as your concentration lasts and until they cease to believe in the matrix. Can't cause instant harm/death, but may eventually lead there. You will have a general idea of how things are going in their world and be able to modify it, but modifications will take another casting.
Illusion 5 Personal Hell 16 Cast on a visible target as a main action. You make them believe that some horrible thing is happening to them and they will take up to 3d6+skill nonlethal psychic damage per round, or less as you choose, for up to 1 hour. Causes permanent mental trauma to NPCs. Depending on the context, you may need to roll a concentration check to maintain the illusion.
Illusion 5 Personal Heaven 16 Cast on a visible target as a main action. The target experiences full-sensory ilusion of a perfect world, for up to 1 hour. Depending on the context, may need to roll a concentration check to maintain the illusion. May cause permanent ennui in npcs.
Illusion 5 Sophont Illusion 16 Cast with a 1-hour ritual to create a fully intelligent artificial being. They will exist for 24 hours and can have up to 18ac and 15hp, and an illusionary copy of some weapon you know. You can program them with an assumed context, but you cannot magically control them once created. Can have up to 4 skills of level 2. Can attack with +6 to hit and 2d6+3 lethal damage per hit. They cannot cast magic. Program them carefully or they might choose their own purpose. If hurt, their blood is white. Robots can detect them but have difficulty identifying them.
Illusion 6 Core-6: Basic Illusion 18 All senses - 50m cube, 24 hours. 15ac/10hp. Cannot attack.
Illusion 6 Shroud 18 Cast on a living biological target with a 10-minute ritual, potentially yourself. While you concentrate, the target now cannot be detected by the senses of any living creature, including party members, for up to 48 hours. It is even difficult for people other than you to remember that they exist. Robots and divine beings may still be able to find them.
Illusion 6 Perfect Concealment 18 Cast on a nonliving object smaller than a 20m cube. This object is now impossible to detect except by technology or by mass dispel in an area, or by bumping into it. Lasts as long as you maintain concentration. Also difficult for people to remember that it ever existed.
Illusion 6 Imaginary Hell 18 Cast in a 50m radius area. In that area, every living being will experience excruiating, unending torment, involving all five senses, and nothing of reality. Up to 2d6 lethal or nonlethal psychic damage per round as you choose. Lasts until dispelled and does not require concentration.
Illusion 6 Imaginary Heaven 18 Cast in a 50m radius area. In that area, every living being will experience personal bliss, involving all five senses, and nothing of reality. Lasts until dispelled and does not require concentration.