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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Skills List

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A skill in CPF is a type of player character attribute that symbolizes their knowledge, ability, and intuition with all aspects of a certain craft, trade, vocation, or hobby.

Skills are used to accomplish most things in a typical adventure, such as navigating, negotiating, investigating or fighting.

When skills are used in risky situations, a skill check might be rolled to see how it goes. This is generally rolled as 2d6 + the skill level + the most relevant statistic modifier.

Players gain their first skills in character generation,, and then may increase their skill levels higher during the game using experience points in advancement.

There are three main categories of skills: combat skills, basic skills, and arcane skills.

Skill Name Applications Level 6 Capstone Ability
Animals Skill working socially with animals and making animals obey commands, including mounting and riding animals. Add to pet attack rolls and mounted attacks. In a pinch, can also cover microbiology, bacteria and viruses, and minor veterinarian work. You always succeed to identify animals, animal statistics and animal abilities.
Art Skill and speed in visual art, as well as art history, lore, understanding and identification of visual art, art tools and methods. Also applies to architecture. While your art is visible to allies, they get +1 to all rolls.
Athletics Used for climbing, jumping, swimming, pushing, lifting, throwing, breaking things with your own muscle power. Usually based on strength. Can be used for thrown attacks. You can jump or fall up to 10 meters safely, with no roll needed.
Business Used for trading, negotiating, bluffing, persuading, and deceiving others in all possible capitalist contexts. You always get a 25% discount on all prices when you negotiate, before you roll.
Chemistry Used for chemical science, biochemistry, microbiology, and all crafting of all drugs, potions, batteries and bombs. Can be used to brew cures and vaccines, stimulants and performance-enhanching drugs. Good brewing results require time, space, materials, and high skill. You no longer need a lab to craft drugs. When you do have a lab, you get a further +1.
Computers Efficient computer programming, hacking and rapid data analysis. Hacking generally works for only short time windows and works much better closer to the system you are trying to hack. Can be used to control and attack with remote controlled drones. The TN of all possible hacks for you is never higher than 12.
Engineering Crafting and repair of all solid tools, weapons, and vehicles, weapons and blacksmithing. Also covers architecture knowledge. Good crafting results require time, space, materials, and high skill. You can make one repair attempt on any machine without needing parts.
History Knowledge of the recorded and oral history of your character's society. Roll high to draw on connections between the past and what you are seeing now. Once per day you can roll history as another skill to represent a famous hero of the past that you specify.
Languages This skill is used to know and translate languages of different known cultures in your world. The better your skill, the more spoken and written language you can translate, faster, and in greater clarity. It never takes you longer than 1 day of focused study to become fluent in a new language.
Lead Inspiring others, intimidating others, public speaking, motivating others, commanding others. In addition, you can make a speech once per sleep cycle by spending 10 minutes to help one ally use a skill you know with +[your lead skill level]. Your inspiring speeches are capped at 1 minute and you can make +1 additional inspiring speech per day.
Medicine General healing, first aid, autopsy, diagnosis, anatomy, corpse ID, vaccine development, and microbiology. Additionally, you can spend 30 minutes to roll for first aid to heal your skill level in HP to an ally's untreated wounds, with a med-kit. All your healing abilities never take more than 1 action to use per target.
Music Ability to play music with voice and any instrument, as well as music history, lore and ability to identify audio instruments, tools and methods, as well as sounds in general. Can be rolled like a social skill to comfort or inspire others. While your music is audible to allies, they all get +1 to all rolls.
Navigation Navigate from place to place and know directions, either earthbound or starbound. Works in all environments. Applies to any vehicle or mount as well as on foot. You always know where to go to get more information.
Notice Use this skill to find clues, anomalies and curiosities, using your senses and your investigator's intuition. You can always sense danger nearby to you or your allies.
Physics Knowledge and application of physics, electronics and mathematics. Includes astronomy, electricity, gravity, and more. Can also be used to aid the invention of new machines, space travel, and spaceship engine optimization. To actually craft those inventions requires engineering skill, materials, workspace and time. You can always identify and sense physical phenomena and anomalies, even if invisible.
Pilot [Space, Air, Land, Water] Ability to drive and pilot land, water, air, and space vehicles, including remote controlled drones, but not animals. Applies mostly to speed, safety and maneuvering. When you gain this skill, pick a specialty of the above 4 categories, you get -1 to pilot vehicles outside it. Your skill applies equally to all vehicles, instead of the -1 penalty.
Stealth Used for sneaking, stealing, being personally unheard and unseen, and criminal history and lore. Only hides other senses like heat and smell if proper tools are used. Hiding is an action. Unseen attackers get +1 to hit. You can roll your stealth skill for up to 15 allies in a group, and they will all share your result.
Talk Persuasion, diplomacy, charm, manipulation, deception, distraction, taunting, intimidation. The TN to improve a relationship in some way, is capped at 12.
Knowledge: Speciality Knowledge of a topic. For example:
Plants: knowledge of useful herbs, useful organic compounds derived from plants, ability to find new useful plants in unfamiliar environments, and knowledge of what plant growth patterns imply about the environment of the area. Can also be rolled to improve any plant-related action such as climbing trees, cutting through hedges, etc.
You have an innate sense of in which direction items relating to your knowledge specialty can be found.

Arcane skills are psionic or magical skills used to achieve supernatural utility powers. These powers are a privilege not meant for mortal hands, and each attempt with them is dangerous.

Arcane skills cannot be learned or upgraded without the Caster talent. The Caster I talent allows one skill to be trained, while Caster II allows any skill to be trained.

Each time a player advances to a new level of arcane skill, they receive that skill's core power at that level, and if the level is higher than 1, may also choose one of the available spells for that level.

Skill Name Applications
Chronomancy Viewing of the past, future, and alternate realities. Modifying these, changing the flow of time.
Fleshwarping Healing, harming, reshaping and otherwise modifying living biological creatures.
Illusion Creating sensory illusions to deceive other living things.
Metaphysics Detecting & dispelling magical effects, modifying and upgrading other spells, combining and triggering spells.
Telekinetics Moving objects without touching them, and transforming or changing things on a molecular level.
Telepathy Reading minds, mental communication, mental harm and healing, and mind control.
Teleportation Instant translocation of yourself items, vehicles, animals, and others, with some restrictions.

Combat skills help the user both attack with and defend from weapons. Levels in combat skills increase your accuracy, damage, and hit points.

In combat, they are rolled with a d20 to represent the chaos and predictability of violence. Out of combat, when used in training or from safety, they can be rolled with 2d6.

Each time a player advances to a new level of combat skill above 1, their HP is increased by that skill: +1 per level for Shoot, and +2 per level for Punch and Melee.

High levels in combat skill may provide other benefits:

Shoot skill

: Covers all projectile weapons. Most rifle-type weapons rely on dexterity, though heavy personal weapons may require strength and highly complex copmuterized weapons may require int. Can also be used to intimidate with projectile weapons.
Level Accuracy Damage Bonus On Miss Special HP Bonus
Untrained -2 Accuracy Stat mod only - - -
1 +1 Stat mod and skill - - +1 total
2 +2 Stat mod and skill - - +2 total
3 +3 Stat mod and skill - - +3 total
4 +4 Stat mod and skill Graze: d4 - +4 total
5 +5 Stat mod and skill Graze: d4 +1 critical strike chance +5 total
6 +6 Stat mod and skill Graze: d4 +1 crit chance, cannot critical-miss, always pierce 1x +6 total

Melee skill:

covers all melee and thrown weapons. Can also be used to intimidate, destroy, cut, or lever things. You can also use athletics for thrown weapons. Most special attacks allowed, but punch is superior for throws & chokes.
Level Accuracy Damage Bonus On Miss Special HP Bonus
Untrained -2 Accuracy Stat mod only - - -
1 +1 Stat mod and skill Graze: d4 - +2 total
2 +2 Stat mod and skill Graze: d4+skill - +4 total
3 +3 Stat mod and skill Graze: d4+stat+skill - +6 total
4 +4 Stat mod and skill Graze: d4+stat+skill +1 critical strike chance total +8 total
5 +5 Stat mod and skill Graze: d4+stat+skill +1 critical strike chance total, always cleave +10 total
6 +6 Stat mod and skill Graze: d4+stat+skill +2 critical strike chance total, cannot crit-miss, always cleave +12 total

Punch skill:

covers all martial arts, wrestling and unarmed combat. Can also be used to intimidate or destroy things and move people. Maximum variety of special attacks allowed, including throws, chokes, piledrivers etc.
Level Accuracy Damage On Miss Special HP Bonus
Untrained -2 Accuracy d4+stat - - -
1 +1 d6+stat+skill Graze: d4 - +2 total
2 +2 d8+stat+skill Graze: d4+skill - +4 total
3 +3 d10+stat+skill Graze: d4+stat+skill - +6 total
4 +4 d15+stat+skill Graze: d4+stat+skill +1 additional attack per attack action. +8 total
5 +5 d20+stat+skill Graze: d4+stat+skill +1 critical strike chance total, +1 attack, can throw larger enemies. +10 total
6 +6 d30+stat+skill Graze: d4+stat+skill +2 critical strike chance total, +1 attack, can throw much larger enemies. +12 total