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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Saving Throws

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A saving throw in CPF is a type of reaction dice throw, using a d20, which a player sometimes has the option to use in order to avoid a generally negative effect.

There are only 3 types of saving throws in this game: Physical, Evasion, and Mental.

For information about primary statistics and modifiers, see the Primary Statistics page.

Saving Throw Modifier Used Saving Throw Usage
Physical Saving Throw The higher of your STR or CON modifiers, plus any proficiency. Resisting effects that directly attack the integrity of your body and cannot be dodged by moving.
This includes extreme heat and cold, poison and disease, exhaustion and pain, smoke inhalation, suffocation and vacuum exposure.
Evasion Saving Throw The higher of your DEX or INT modifiers, plus any proficiency. Resisting rapid dangerous effects that can potentially be dodged by quick thinking and reflexes.
This includes explosions of various types, trampling by large vehicles or animals, and some slow-moving projectiles such as falling debris.
Dodging these effects generally requires movement. If it's important, the GM may tell you where you must move or if you have options.
Diving for cover against a rapid effect may give your character a small amount (1-4 units) of scuff damage.
Mental Saving Throw The higher of your WIS or CHA modifiers, plus any proficiency. Mental saving throws are used to resist hostile psychic effects, such as imposed fear, mind control, and paralysis.
Mental saving throws are also used often by caster characters to maintain concentration on an active spell or spells.
Generally, while concentrating to maintain one or more spells, if the caster is jostled by a damaging hit or
another distraction such as a loud noise or vehicuar turbulence, they must make a mental saving throw versus a
TN of usually 15. If the throw fails, any concentrated spells end immediately.

Players may choose to fail a saving throw if they wish, but in order to succeed, they must roll a d20 and add the appropriate modifier, attempting to meet or surpass a target number set by the game master, often 10 or 15.

  1. The GM may also require additional actions or risks in order for a player to commit to a saving throw.
  2. For example, to resist mind control, the GM may ask you to describe what thoughts you are focusing on, or to dodge an explosion, the GM may ask you where you are diving, and give you some minor scuff damage.
  3. The target number or TN depends on the situation, for example, dodging a grenade (TN 12) may be easier than dodging a super-sonic missile (TN 20) or an orbital atomic bombardment (Impossible without a prepared shelter).
  4. Some features may improve some saving throws:
    1. At character creation, each player character may choose to have 'proficiency' in one saving throw. This means, it receives an additional +4 modifier that is added to the primary statistic modifer.
    2. Some talents, such as Survivor or Lightning Reflexes, may grant additional saving throw proficiencies or advantages.
    3. If you have one or more additional advantage dice on a saving throw, it means that you roll multiple d20s, take the highest result, and add you modifier to that highest result only.