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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Healing & Rest

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CPF is designed with an eye towards keeping battle tense and dramatic because of the risk of lasting injury. The rules for healing and rest reflect this.

Normally, characters function normally and are considered healthy.

Going Below Full Statistic points:

Going Below Full Health Points (HP):

Going to Zero Health Points (HP):

When a normal character goes to zero hp due to a nonlethal attack or effect, they are considered to have been "knocked unconscious".

When a normal character goes to 0 HP by small lethal weapons such as a Knife, Pistol, Rifle, or Sword: When a normal character goes to 0 HP by environmental hazards such as radiation, poison gas, toxic waste, vaccuum, electric arcs, lava, or liquid nitrogen: When a normal character goes to 0 HP by heavy weapons such as grenades, rockets, vehicle-mounted weapons, or crushing by a large vehicle or animal:

Mortal Wounds:

Recovering from Mortal Wounds: Resting: