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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Frequently Asked Questions

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This game relies on simple, flexible rules that can change to fit the table and situation. Because of this, most unclear rules areas are intentionally left up to your GM and Group to enjoy. One example of this is the special attacks rule. Is it reasonable for a player character to kick an enemy into a fuel cell, causing it to immediately explode? Or would this instead merely cause a fuel leak that could be ignited later? Perhaps it depends on the height of the roll? It's intentionally left up to you to decide what feels most fun and dramatic.

That said, there are some rules areas that should be consistent in this game, as follows:

  1. What happens when I shoot a firearm (a ranged weapon relying on combustion) in vacuum?
    • Nothing happens, a firearm cannot fire without oxygen.
    • You need a melee weapon, laser gun, plasma gun, magnetic rail gun, magic spell, or other weapon that works in vacuum.
  2. What happens when I cast a fire, ice, or electric spell in vacuum, or underwater?
    • Aside from underwater disturbances causing more visual occlusion, the spells generally work similarly in vacuum and underwater.
    • Note, however, that casters receive a penalty to casting in a vacuum suit (usually -1 disadvantage die) or underwater (usually -1 disadvantage die).
  3. Should numbers and rolls or word choice have more weight in social roleplay?
    • Completely up to your table, but giving them equal weight, or flooring them at the effect of the intent and numbers is a good bet. If the player is much less charismatic than the character, ask the player to summarize the intent of the conversation and go based on that.
    • Remember that in many cases, persuasion/intimidation/trading/deception is not always needed to get a certain result from an npc. They may be convinced to stop fighting or give information or aid simply as a result of sharing information or offering gifts, no social skills needed.
  4. Do enemies have to use the same systems and statistics that player characters do?
    • Absolutely not. Enemies and potential enemies should simply have whatever abilities makes sense to be fun and challenging in the moment and have whatever statistics seem appropriate off-the-cuff.
  5. What do I roll if I am trying to use a d20 attack spell targeting an object out of combat?
    • You can roll vs. the normal target number for that spell level, and include your Battlemage +2 if you have it.
  6. I want my character to have a certain super-power that isn't listed here
    • Quest for it! Declare it your goal in-character to achieve that thing, and pursue all rumours about it in-game--if you survive, you will achieve!