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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Combat and Chases

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Combat in CPF is deadly, fast, and tactical, and fun.

The rules support these principles:

  1. High attack damage and low health points (hp) ensure that combat is always tense and risky and is never a slog or an assumed-win speedbump.
    • A typical player character (13 hp) has a good chance of being instantly knocked out by single spray of an auto-rifle (1d12+5 damage for an auto shot) or a claymore (3d6 damage).
  2. Low HP, high movement speed, and high damage ensures that combat is quick and doesn't last more than 1-3 rounds.
  3. Combat is tactical, everyone has a turn, position matters, the environment matters, and the unlimited special attack rule allows players to always use their creativity to improve the effectiveness of their attacks with no opportunity cost.
  4. The unlimited special attack rule makes combat always an occasion for cool, exciting stunts. Plus, players can acquire magical artifacts, powered armors, battle-mechs or powerful warships to increase the scope of combat as desired.
  5. When are combat rules necessary?

    Difference between a Chase and a Combat?
  6. This alternative system is convenient for many types of vehicle combat because they can allow other players to contribute general skills and actions to the scene even though not directly piloting the vehicle.
  7. When and how does combat start?

    1. Combat begins when there is imminent danger to at least one group of people that could be mitigated or resolved within 6-second turns.
    2. The participant with the highest Speed statistic goes first, and then in descending order by speed.

    When does combat end?

    How does combat work generally?