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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Character Generation

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The character creation process is simple, containing two main branches for designed or rolled characters.

To begin, grab a piece of blank paper, or a spreadsheet or .txt file.

  1. Discuss the setting, party goal, and character limitations with the game group.
  2. Set statistics. There are six primary statistics in the game: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma.
    • You can either use Standard statistics, or roll the ability scores.
    • If you roll statistcs, roll 3d6 six times, and then replace the lowest value with a 14 if a 14 is higher.
    • If you prefer standardized statistics, use the following set: [14,12,11,10,9,7].
    • Next, record ability modifiers. Ability modifiers are the distance of your ability scores from 10, divided by 4, rounded. So, a 14 is a +1 modifier, and a 7 is a -1 modifier.

  3. Next, review the 3 types of saving throws.
    • The Physical save is the higher of your STR or CON modifiers.
    • The Evasion save is the higher of your INT or DEX modifiers.
    • The Mental save is the higher of your WIS or CHA modifiers.
    • Now, decide which of these 3 your character is proficient in. Add 4 to the modifier of that saving throw.
  4. Now, design your character's background. This will provide them with skills, talents, and relationships.
  5. Spend 7 Skill Points and 3 Talents to spend as you wish using the normal Character Advancement rules.
  6. Next, establish for your character a total of at least three important NPCs as follows:
    • Childhood: An important family member, friend, rival, celebrity or other person. Note their name and how you felt about them with at least 1 word.
    • Adolescence: An important family member, friend, teacher, rival, or crush. Note their name and how you felt about them with at least 1 word.
    • Adulthood: An important family member, friend, coworker, boss, lover, or rival. Note their name and how you felt about them with at least 1 word.
  7. Regardless of which you choose, record your character's skills, talents and spells details by copy-pasting them into your character sheet so that you have a quick reference.
  8. Assign your hitpoints [HP]. The character's hitpoints determine how much damage they can suffer before being defeated. HP are equal to your full Consitution statistic plus any special bonuses such as those from the Tough talent or from advanced Combat skills.
  9. If you are an caster, assign your spell points [SP]. The character's spell points are usually equal to 2 * the sum of their arcane skill levels. However, casters with the Mentalist casting style get 3 * the sum of their arcane skill levels.
  10. Name your character and set their species, if allowed by the GM. Species does not normally have any mechanical effect, but is for roleplay purposes only. For example, if you wanted to be an aquatic creature, take the "water affinity" talent.
  11. Agree with the other players on why your character is committing to join them on a journey of cosmic peril, and how they know these fellow adventurers.
  12. That's it! At this point, the GM will give you your starting equipment and money and you can set out to join your party for their adventure!