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Cosmic Peril Fantasy: Character Generation

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The character creation process is simple and straightforward.

To begin, grab a piece of blank paper, or a spreadsheet or .txt file.

  1. Discuss the setting, party goal, and character limitations with the game group. Then, get some paper or electronic character sheets together where everyone can see -- Google Sheets is a good choice for shared record-keeping.
  2. If you want to use a pregenerated character, click here. Otherwise, read on.

  3. Spend 12 XP and 3 Talents on Talents and Skills as you wish using the normal Character Advancement rules.
  4. Next, establish for your character a simple background and at least three important parts as follows:
    • Ally. A relative, friend, business partner, lover, family/team/faction, or mentor. Note their name and how you felt about them with at least 1 word. Add more if you like.
    • Enemy. A rival, criminal, bully, evil organization or other antagonist from your past. Note their name and how you felt about them with at least 1 word. Add more if you like.
    • Flaw. A part of your character's personality that gets them into trouble. They might be greedy, hot-headed, emotionally cold, or dangerously curious. You must have the consent of all other players for your flaw.
    • Ambition. Something your character is strongly motivated to achieve. Be as ambitious as you can, even for a short campaign!
  5. Regardless of which you choose, record your character's skills and talents by copy-pasting them into your character sheet so that you have a quick reference.
  6. Assign your health points [HP]. The character's health points determine how much damage they can suffer before being defeated. HP is equal to 10 + Resilience + Athletics + bonuses from Combat skills and talents.
  7. Assign your speed, equal to 5 + Dodge + Athletics + Combat skills. The character's speed is a Combat and chase statistic that determines if they go first and how far they can move vs. other characters.
  8. If you are an caster, assign your spell points [SP]. The character's spell points are usually equal to 5 point + 1 per arcane skill level.
    • For example, if you have level 1 in teleportation and level 2 in pyromancy, you have 5 + (1+2) = 8 maximum spell points.
  9. Name your character and set their species, if allowed by the GM. Species does not usually have any mechanical effect, but is for roleplay purposes only.
    • Species with special powers must allocate those special powers by spending talents. For example:
    • If you wanted to be an aquatic creature, get GM approval and take the "water affinity" 1&2 talents.
    • If you wanted to be a tunnel-dwelling dwarf, take the "Earth Affinity" talent.""
  10. Agree with the other players on why your character is committing to join them and entrust their life to their friends on a mission of cosmic peril.
  11. That's it! At this point, the GM will give you your starting equipment and money based on the context, and you can set out to join your party for their adventure!